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Title: Lost in Vinegrym - [J][AD][F]
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“Group One – That is First Class – Please report to the boarding deck.”

The airport was bustling as a large group prepared to board the plane. The airport became louder as groups as the excitement began to grow among the group travelers. Passengers finished licking the icing from the cinnamon rolls from off their fingers.

“Group Two – That is rows 23 to 18 – Please report to the boarding deck.”

The calling continued, with each traveler gaining their place in line, and moving through the boarding area, and taking their seats on the plane.

When everyone had loaded, the flight attendant began to instruct the passengers on safety. The plane remained silent, out of courtesy rather than attention.

“In case of an emergency landing, oxygen masks will be deployed from the above compartment,” the attendant said, putting a prop mask on her face. “In case of a water landing, your seat cushion may function as a flotation device...”

A short time after the presentation, the plane was off. The wheels spun on the runway, and as the nose began to lift into the air, the air seemed to become terse as the passengers were forced far back into their seats. Soon the view from the window reflected an ever-shrinking New York City, as the plane rapidly moved away from land, and over the ocean. In less than eight hours, the passengers were expected to touch down in London.

The first three hours of the flight were as normal. Tiny soda cans, and tinier containers of mixed nuts were given to the passengers, along with menus with overpriced airplane food. That's when things got hectic.

The plane began to shake in the air. Passengers began to shake in their seats, and someone's glass of cola spills in the aisle. There were utterances of annoyance. However, upon peering out the window, only darkness could be seen. A loud crack echoed through the plane. A fuzzed voice appeared on the intercom. “Hello, this is your captain speaking. Do not panic, we were only hit by stray electricity. However, we would like to ask all passengers to fasten their restraints and remain seated.”

Shortly after the message, another bolt must have hit the plane. This time, the lighting flickered, and a burning smell could be smelled throughout the entire plane. The pilot crackled back on the intercom: “Due to the conditions, we're going to have to make an emergency water landing. Oxygen masks have been deployed. In the meantime, I must ask all passengers to remain calm, but prepare for a sudden landing. Thank you.”

The plane was overtaken with panic as the travelers grabbed the masks that had fallen before them, and secured them to their faces. The plane was shaking, and it was easy to see that many people were on the verge of getting sick while the plane made its way quickly down. The panic was nearly silent, but easily percieved.

At this point, you blacked out.

Hello, welcome to the role play! Your character is a young traveler that was in a major plane wreck. All you can remember is what came before the crash, blacking out, and then waking up on a beach. You know very little about where you've ended up, but rest assured, you'll figure all that out with the correct probing. All I'm going to tell you for now, is there's creatures of legend here, and you're not exactly in the safest of places at the moment.

To avoid worrying your parents, you're probably gonna wanna find your way back. But, how are you ever gonna do that?

I'm going to tell the storyline, and play most of the NPCs, as well as control the environment and provide information. Like any role play, you of course have the option of doing almost anything you want within reason, but I will be answering most of your questions about the world and controlling things such as combat that can get messy without the inclusion of a third party. If you've played D&D, I'm pretty much your DM.

Game Guidelines:

1) Don't god mode. I will deliver some powerful retribution for it.
2) Don't control other people's characters. However, in the case of a “cause and effect” case, I personally reserve the right to use a very short moment of control with your character, like tripping them and stuff.
3) Try to keep active. If stuff comes up, shoot me a message. If I notice you haven't posted in a bit, I may send a reminder to prevent you from falling behind. If you want a recap at any time, send me a message.
4) Don't worry about creating long posts. You have full liberty to write as much as you want, but it's okay to write posts that are short, but sufficient in describing what you want to do.

Here's the form:
Code: [Select]
[b]Description:[/b] Give me a good mental image.
[b]Possessions:[/b] You may want to update this later when you acquire more stuff.
For now, whatever your character was carrying in their pockets.
Remember you were on a plane, so US TSA guidelines should be considered.
If you're unsure about an item, I'll let you know.

Character List:
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Reserving this post for major NPC information.
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Where is the plane travelling to?

I'd like to join this!
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Oh, I must have forgot to state that. It was travelling from New York City to London.
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Name: Diana Temple
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Description: Diana is slight and flexible but has no muscle mass. She's of average height and dresses for comfort and practicality rather than for fashion, as such she was wearing sweat pants, trainers and a baggy shirt on the plane - coupled with a military style jacket with lots of pockets. Her face is even and rounded with brown eyes that match her shoulder length hair (tied back). Thin lips and a pointing nose complete her tanned appearance.
Personality: She thrives on ambition and it is higher in her priorities on her family and friends. Diana believes herself to be observant and though this is true, sometimes she misses things in plain sight. As a side-effect if her observance, she sometimes reads into actions and clues too far and this can lead to her getting things wrong (and when she was in school it often meant that she 'waffled' her essays). She's quite independent and this is sometimes perceived as arrogance or obnoxiousness.
History: Diana, a budding writer, was taking a gap year when she boarded the plane. From a small town family whom she got on with, she dreams of travel and adventure. From London, Diana was going to change planes and continue to Denmark where she would research and write a debut novel about tribal existence. Having previously studied Literature and History, Diana's grades weren't that great but the wealth of her family afforded her a good editor and funds to fuel her ambition.
Possessions: Mobile phone, memory fried; Notebook, pages tattered, ink run or missing; four hair grips and two bobbles; pen, ink empty; headphones, hopelessly tangled & water-logged; iPod, water damaged and screen smashed.
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Name:  Bryony Hume
Gender:  Female
Age:  16
Description:  Bryony is a petite girl of just under 5’0, though she has a sturdy build that gives the impression that she would not be at the top of the cheerleading pyramid. She has a heart shaped face and perky blue eyes, though her lips are constantly pursed. She has bubblegum pink hair (dyed, obviously) in a chin length bob.  Her bangs just about brush the top of where her eyebrows would be, if she hadn’t accidentally waxed them off when she was trying to neaten them. There is faint ginger stubble where they are beginning to grow back.  On the day of the crash, she was wearing a floral playsuit for comfort with Ugg Boots that didn’t quite match, but if one opened her checked luggage they would find an abundance of short skater dresses of various colours, qualified by more bikinis than you would think she’d need.
Personality:  Bryony is sensitive to the point of denial when she is probed about something that could earn the disapproval of her peers. If you asked her why she was wearing Ugg Boots with a playsuit, she’d say that she wasn’t concentrating on what she was putting on her feet rather than admit that she thought they might look good. Whilst proving her to be somewhat two-faced in social situations, it has led to her being a particularly good diplomat; she is able to divert conflict by offering alternate suggestions when she knows that the truth would offend the people in question. She values diplomacy more than she values truth in situations of conflict. She is not a fan of argument in the same way she is not a fan of punishment.
History:  Bryony lives with her own father and two younger brothers, Callum and Rory.  Her mother walked out when Rory – the youngest – was two and a half.  Bryony wasn’t too bothered when her mother left, given that the woman was out from 6 in the morning until 11 at night, and when she slept at work she could sometimes be gone for days.  However, as a successful doctor, she did not leave the family without sufficient money to supplement Bryony’s father’s income as a freelance journalist. She’s not hugely used to deep losses, though she did lose her rabbit when she was 11. She is quite popular at school, though she doesn’t have many close friends and is not hugely liked by teachers (it’s the lying).  When the plane crashed, she was travelling back to London after a week in New York.  When the plane crashed she was sitting next to Callum whilst her father was sitting next to Rory.
Possessions:  A stick of roll-on deodorant, a spare pair of earphones, a pack of soft gum (airport bought), a pink gel pen, a purple gel pen.
Other: Breeds, sells and keeps gerbils.
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You two are good! If we can get a couple more then we can get going.
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Name: Zane Thomas
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Description: Zane is tall and lanky, with short green-tipped black hair. He has a variety of peircings all over his face and wears black eyeliner. His eyes are a piercing ice blue, and he has a lot of lean muscle despite his scrawny appearance. His current outfit is in possessions.
Personality: Zane is very cynical and shrewd, but tends to hang back and keep to himself. He does this not because he dislikes people or doesn't like interaction, but out of a genuine complete lack of interest. He has a knack for running into trouble, or failing that seeking it out.
History: Zane lives with his middle class mother and father. Or at least he used to. After repeated "Attention-seeking outbursts", including several fights (a few with hospital visits, none of them his), theft (Everything from tic-tacs to iphones), and destruction of property (Claimed by him to be "Uncommissioned murals"), he had been put on a plane to a London boarding school.
Possesions: One backpack containing: A skateboard, waterlogged and useless; a phone, similar condition; a boarding school uniform, similar condition; Passport, similar ondition; Waterproof headphones, usable but nothing to use them with. Also.a hidden bag snuck past security containing: One pocketknife, metal, skull design; one lighter, useless; a pack of cigarettes, useless.
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*Nudges topic* Guys, there's plenty more room. T^T In fact we need more people, I think. Join! :P
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Working on a character, sorry it's going so slow ^^;
I'll try and get it done by the end of the day.
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I'm looking for 4 or more, so since dragoncat will be done by tonight (or soonish, no rush), we can start the tentative start day for Friday - Saturday. If anyone else wants to put in a reserve, now's your chance, since joining will likely be closed for the extent of the RP.

In the meantime I'm going to get started on character stats. I'll share them with you guys over PM when I'm finished to make sure I have the correct idea of your character's abilities, but keep in mind you all are going to have the same stat totals, so you can't necessarily make changes to the total to make yourself overall better than others.
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Name: Sparrow Rye
Gender: Agender
Age: 18
Description: Sparrow is medium height with long-ish dark brown hair, just down past their shoulders. They mostly just wears tee-shirts and jeans for ease and comfort. They have a little muscle and are pretty flexible.
Personality: Sparrow is very upbeat and energetic. They are friendly and easy to get along with. There isn't really much that bothers them, they mostly just accept whatever happens and try to do what they can, if there is anything they can do. They hate drama and prefer to avoid it when possible and they don’t get involved in the drama of others. They are brutally honest and blunt, which often makes it look like they are unsympathetic. They are sympathetic; they just unintentionally don’t show it. When they do get angry, which isn't often, they are not above resorting to physical violence. They actually enjoy fighting in general, though they prefer to fight when they don't have to hold back. They are very creative and have a love of fantasy.
History: Sparrow grew up with two older brothers, one older sister, and one younger brother. Their family was very close knit, though they fought often and regularly sent each other to the hospital as a result. They never really held it against each other when someone was seriously injured, they really couldn't, it happened so often nobody knew who owed who for what anymore. Their parents were always out working overtime or working multiple jobs, so the children really raised each other. At school, Sparrow was pretty much average. They got along well with most of their peers but only had a few they considered friends. They never really felt right calling themselves any gender and started identifying as agender as soon as they learned there was a word for it, which was sometime in their early teens. Their friends and family were supportive of it. They were going to London to visit some relatives.
Possessions: A soggy, half-full pack of gum, a cellphone; water damaged and useless, earphones; now useless, some pocket change; three quarters and a dime
Other: None
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((Dragoncat, you're in of course, and I suppose it's time to start.))

Ah, the salty smell of the ocean, and sand in your shirt! That's because you're lying in the sand at the moment. Maybe you're having a bit of amnesia – the last thing you can remember was napping on a plane, and hoping the stranger next to you wasn't gonna end up falling on you in their slumber. But then, why are you on a beach? It's never this empty on a beach near New York City, and if it was London... Well, the sun probably wouldn't be shining like that.

Oh, right, plane crash.

Well, I'd suggest that you get on your hands and feet, stand up, and take a look around. There are several other poor saps that are around, and a rocky cliff that leads into the forest that's over your head. To your right, sand. To your left, sand. Behind you, water. I guess you could ditch these strangers and run along the beach like a retiree, but maybe you guys should get to know each other. Or, maybe you could just climb up the rocks and then make your way up into the forest by yourself. Who am I to tell you what to do? I mean, the rocks look fairly stable and easy to climb on.

But, then again, do you really wanna find out what's in that forest? The sun is high at the moment, but it looks awful shady in there...
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Zane gets up, looking around at all the other still knocked out forms. *Should I try and wake them? Probably not. It's not my priority, and there's most likely going to be a rescue team of some sort coming soon, so it's not worth the bother.* He pulls out a soggy pack of cigarettes and tosses it away, muttering a string of expletives. He looks around the beach for any plane wreckage or luggage that could be useful.
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Well, that's strange. There's absolutely no sight of the plane. Maybe it crashed in the ocean or something. Zane's got enough common sense to realize that if he woke up with dry enough clothes on a beach though, there would probably be some flotsam around if it crashed into the ocean.

Your cigarettes are now filled with sand, so count those useless unless you just so happen to have the magic ability to remove tiny grains of sand. The beach is still tranquil, with only a slight salty breeze rustling the leaves of the trees ahead.
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Something was tickling Diana Temple's foot. Something was hurting Diana's front and back. She twitched a finger, still works. She picked up a hand and plopped it down about an inch further away to a metallic clang and a sensation similar to touching a hot plate. "Ah ah." Opened her eyes slowly, flinching against the bright sunlight that filtered in. She realised now of course that it was the sun hurting her back, the water tickling her foot and well... She still wasn't sure about the hot plate thing. She stood up, rather too fast, pushing against the also hot sand. Her head swam and some of the memories returned as she blinked away the sand. Looking down, Diana realised she'd been draped over a part of the plane's wing. Oh yeah, the plane.

There were others, only a few, mind, beginning to come around. Most of them looked no more than a little older than herself. There were others but she could tell that among them were a few hauntingly dead bodies. She looked out at the sea, she couldn't really see much, the dark suggestion of a place where the wreckage may be... She was probably wrong. Her visibility was infinite yet there was nothing out there that might help her. Diana's lip trembled and then she began to cry. Would she ever get to go to Denmark? Would she get to write her book? Would she see her family again? Would she die here? She wept and wept, walking towards the rock face she sank closer to the floor until eventually she was in their shade and she lay down, shaking.
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Sparrow starts to wake up. They feel a light breeze coming from the ocean and blowing few grains of sand against their face. Pushing themself out of the sand, they grab a fistfull of sand and let it run between their fingers. They look around, noticing all the other people lying around, as well as a few people who had already woken up. They started to stand, but winced and cried out as they fell back down when they felt the sting of a wound on their right leg that had re-opened. They couldn't remember how they got that particular wound in the first place, it probably involved a fight with a sibling, but now it was open, bleeding a little, and had sand in it. They knew they would have to wash it, but the only water in sight was the ocean, which seemed like a bad idea. They decided they would try and ignore it for now, until they could find fresh water.

They stood up again, ignoring the pain, and approached a girl who was also awake, sitting in the shade of the rock face. She seemed to be crying. "Hey," they said softly, "Mind if I join you?" they asked as they sat down next to her anyway before asking, "are you okay?"
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Bryony blinks her eyes open and immediately shuts them against the intolerable light coming from above her.

"Callum, could you stop that please?" she grumbles

Using her hand to shield them, she tries again more slowly.  She turns her head to the left to try and distract Callum, but there is only sand.  Oh.  Well, she did think it was a little hot for a plane.  She shuts her eyes again and gives her right wrist a long, sharp pinch.  She ends up with a painful wrist, and she is still lying on sand.  She sighs and lies there for a little while.  Maybe she's dead.  Being dead seems like a pretty likely option.  She shuffles round so that her body is the same direction as her head was.  She rolls without opening her eyes.

Suddenly, she has a mouth and nose full of water.  She jerks upright, coughing, and blearily yet frantically searches around for the offending water.  It is only once she has finished coughing - and her nose is still burning - that she realises that she is sitting in the offending water, and that both her Uggs and playsuit are now sticking to her with damp.  She makes a quiet screeching noise and scrambles backwards, away from the water.  She takes up a handful of sand and throws it into the water, and is disappointed when the wind blows half of it back into her face.  She groans - long and frustrated - and flops onto her tummy in the sand.  She does not care that she is taking in mouthfuls of sand with every breath.
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"Are you okay?" Diana had only just noticed the person sat next to her. And in truth, no, she wasn't okay. She had a right to not be okay. She tried to raise her head and look at the person, who she had assumed was a girl because of the softness of her voice and the ends of her long hair that Diana could see from the corner of her eyes, sat next to her.
"I'll be alright." She said, forcing a smile but with puffy red eyes. She would be okay, she knew it but first she just wanted to cry it out for a while. After that she could get to helping make some sort of smoke signal.
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Sparrow looked at the girl, it looked like she probably wanted to be left alone. However, when they tried to stand again they discovered the walk over there had agitated the wound on their leg and caused it to open more, so it probably wasn't the best idea to get up again. Sparrow folded their legs in a way that kept the wound out of her sight. "If you say so." They tried to move over to give her a little more room, but were stopped by their leg's protest. They sighed, "well, if you want to talk about it, I'll be here. My name's Sparrow, by the way," they said, hoping knowing the name of the random stranger who won't leave her alone will make things less uncomfortable for her.
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Zane slips his pocketknife into his hand, hidden by his shirt sleeve, and starts climbing up the rocks out of sight of the other people. *If they don't know I'm here they can't very well fight for resources, neh? It's best this way. Besides, I don't want to have to take care of them.* He stops a moment and looks back, then grits his teeth and continues. *Don't think about it, Zane. They'll be fine, I'm sure.*
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The forest did look pretty dark from the beach, but now that Zane is in the forest, it's really not so bad. There's patches of sunlight that stream through the trees. It's definitely darker than the beach, but the dark doesn't seem to be lowering his visibility. There's a few ferns and mushrooms on the ground, and most of the trees grow high into the air. There are a couple of trees that look almost akin to maple trees that could potentially be climbed if Zane gave a good jump and hoisted his way up.

The woods look very difficult to navigate to the uninitiated. The only clear path is one immediately behind Zane that leads back to the beach. Birdsong can be heard, but otherwise, no animals can be perceived at the time.
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*Hmmm... those plants may be edible, but I'll never know until someone else tries them... In fact, that can be said to be true about most of the stuff on this island. I'd better wait and watch.* Zane looks for a tree with a vantage point that shows the beach and the people on it, and if he finds one, tries climbing it.
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Diana didn't say anything for a long time. She collected herself with a large sniff. "I'm Diana." She said, but she couldn't find the words - for once in her life - to say anything else. She got up, having let go of the  emotions that consumed her only a few minutes before, noting their pointlessness. She tried to look clearly around to see if there was any wood about but her eyes were still bleary and, she imagined, red. She made out some green almost directly above her which could be a canopy of leaves. She waited for her eyes to properly focus on the green. She was right, leaves. Leaves meant wood. But the forest was a long way up and she didn't fancy climbing the rock face. "I'm gonna see if there's another way to get to that forest up there," she declared, mainly to Sparrow but also to anyone else who could hear her. "Are you coming?"
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"Umm, well..." Sparrow thought about it for a moment. Though they really didn't want their leg to get any worse, staying there alone would be horribly boring, and their leg wasn't going to get any better just sitting there.  There would probably be something to help it in the forest, they just hadn't thought about there being another way in. Besides, injured or not, they weren't going to just let everyone leave and have all the fun without them. Hopefully it wouldn't get any worse.

"Sure," they finally answered. They carefully pushed themself up, putting as little weight on their bad leg as possible. They stepped away from the rock and took a look around, "Which way do you think we should go?"
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((Hey, I believe dragoncat asked me earlier on IRC and I figured I'd let you guys know to not be pressured to write in present tense. I'm just doing it because it makes more sense to me to write it out in present tense.))

The tree was a fairly easy climb, but part of the ease was attributed to how short the tree was. The vision offered from the treetop isn't excellent -- but it's sufficient.

A structure that looks like a sizable wooden boat can be seen along the coast, less than a quarter mile away from the location where Zane found himself stranded, to the east. Otherwise, the beach looks pretty vacant. The forest seems to stretch on for a quite a while, and besides the boat, there's no other signs of civilization nearby.
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Bryony huffed into the sand one last time and began to use her elbows to hoist herself up.  She looked down and sighed.  Her playsuit was wet and sandy.  Disgusting.  And her feet were soaked to the core with sweat and seawater.  She kicked her Uggs off and discarded them by the shore, happy for the waves to suck them in again.  Once again, the sunlight was too much and she had to shield her eyes to avoid her inevitable burning to a crisp happening too soon.  She was going to die.  She was literally going to die on a gross island and nobody was ever going to find her body, which was awful because she'd really wanted to teach Rory to read.  Terrible, terrible isl-

"I'm gonna see if there's another way to get to that forest up there.  Are you coming?" A not-quite distant voice cut her brooding short, and she leaped up to find it.  She looked around her wildly for the source and was pleased to spy two figures standing in her distant vision.

She barreled down the beach as fast as her chunky little legs would carry her, arm still thrown across her brow and dirty playsuit forgotten in her glee.  "Yes!" she cried, beginning to lose her breath.  "Yes, hello! I'm coming - I'll come; please wait for me!" she panted, stopping just short of the two figures she'd seen.  She braced her hands on her knees and looked up at them, eyes wide.  "Hi," she coughed.
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Diana was startled when the other girl came along. She had thought that maybe she and Sparrow were the only survivors because no one else showed any signs of getting up. Still, a third member to their little party was completely welcome. The girl, who was wearing a once adorable play suit, was panting as she stopped running so Diana thought it was only fair to give her a minute to get her breath back before setting off down the beach.
"Well, this way looks good to me," she said, looking at Sparrow and gesturing down the beach to her right where the sand and cliffs curved off. Then looking back at the other girl "Hi, I'm Diana." She felt like adding something funny or clever to the end of that but she didn't know whether the others would appreciate it, considering their situation and that the box that Diana had locked her own emotions in rattled inside her mind, still threatening to burst open. Instead she left her name hanging awkwardly in the air.
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 Sparrow couldn't help but smile and sort of giggle at the new girls frantic entrance. It was nice to see they and Diana weren't the only ones here. They looked in the direction Diana gestured and replied, "m'kay." They looked back to the new girl. "I'm Sparrow, nice to meet you," they said after Diana introduced herself.