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Re: [J]They All Fall Down...again[Re/F][R]
« Reply #60 on: April 11, 2013, 15:02 »
((Yes of course you may, as long as you have an angel to protect them (although if there was a way your angel could be indisposed for the time being then that's fine). Sorry been meaning to post on this but keep forgetting due to verious things atm XP I'll post again later tonight when I get time))
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Re: [J]They All Fall Down...again[Re/F][R]
« Reply #61 on: April 14, 2013, 14:16 »
When Nancy came in, Sky couldn't help but wince at the bruise she could see on her (former?) charge's jaw. When she flinched, and then apologized, Sky smiled gently. "Don't apologize. That looks like it hurts." I wouldn't really know but... She thought, then spoke again. "Nice to meet you Nancy. I'm Skyler Michaels, although I prefer Sky. I don't feel like I'm in trouble then." She sat up carefully, grimacing as her own bruises were aggravated.

When Nancy thanked her, Sky shrugged, and promptly bit her lip to stifle a whimper. Note to self, don't shrug for a while. When the pain had subsided, Sky gave Nancy another smile. "It's no problem. Although it worries me that whoever that girl was thought an appropriate reaction to her being wrong was to pull a bookcase onto someone. As to the verdict, the doctor didn't know how, but I got away with bruises, and that's it."

Nancy's eyebrows shot up.  "Only bruises?  That thing took five or six people to lift back up."  Hoping she wasn't being impolite, she sat down at the end of the hospital bed, careful not to disturb the sheets.  "Well, you're either a superhero or incredibly lucky.  I'm not willing to dump you into a vat of radioactive goop to find out, though, so don't worry."

As she continued to speak, she began to rummage around in her satchel.  "Anyway, Little Miss Temperamental won't be getting away with attempted murder, as far as I know.  My co-workers kept her locked in the storage closet until the cops came.  Saw her get dragged outside, kicking and screaming and all that, just before we went with the paramedics.  Aha, here they are."  Nancy pulled out a wad of paper and held it out to Sky.  "Coupons to last you a whole year.  Mostly a 'thank you' from my boss for saving one of his employees, but it's also a 'Sorry one of my bookcases nearly killed you' kind of gesture."

Nancy caught a small glimpse of her reflection in her watch's face.  Yep, the jaw was bruised nice and good; deep purple with just a hint of black (maybe) in the middle.  Yikes.  She liked sleeping on her left side too; this would just make her uncomfortable for a while.
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Re: [J]They All Fall Down...again[Re/F][R]
« Reply #62 on: April 14, 2013, 21:25 »
Kylar chuckled and leaned forward for a moment, resting his hand gently on Bliss' head. It was something he had done often while he was her angel, but naturally she'd be unaware of that, barring the fact her hair would suddenly become a mess. "Don't be sorry. Honestly, it's sweet that you're offering...thank you."

As he finished speaking there was a gentle tap on the door. The nurse popped her head in and smiled at the two before looking at Kylar. "I'll be in shortly to check your dressings and to go over a few guidelines on what not to do while you recover and then you'll be free to leave. Do you live nearby, or would you like me to call for a taxi?"

Bliss let a blush form over her cheeks as she avoided eye contact with the nurse and Kylar. "By any chance is there a bus station near by? I don't exactly have enough money on me for a taxi." Bliss asked sheepishly whilst biting her lip, her eyes now dating to the door and then to the bed again, trying to not be too embarrassed.

((Sorry it's lame. Sorry I haven't posted in ages. I have had a crazy few weeks. Seems like I finally have the time and energy to post!))
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