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Hello, I'm new here and joined to submit names   ;D 
My favourite pokemon is ninetales.

Oh well, there's a lot of "Hi" posts here!

So let me introduce myself here, since I don't want to make another thread...
My forums name is GhostPony750, and you can find me on psypokes forums, another great pokemon website.

I am also a moderator at bronyland, related to the show "My Little Pony". My favorite pokemon is Rapidash, as you can see.
I never played BW and later, and I'll never play those since I don't like the new pokemons, but I still play my Firered, and my favorite game of all time is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team.

I'm actually a guitarist and I really enjoy prog rock, like Gentle Giant, Camel or Saga. You may not know these groups, since only pop music play on radio these days... (pop is derivated from "popular", which actually mean simple music) So well, I tend to be myself and I listen to music I actualy enjoy. I'm a huge car fan, I love them, muscle cars, but I hate japanese ones. I dream to work in car mechanic and give a second life to these great muscle cars, forgotten in scrapyards.

I actually found this website when I was searching for a name for my Charizard in Mystery Dungeon Explorer of darkness, searched on google and found this name rater thing. And I found what I was searching for, Zephyr.

So that's it, I'm happy to be on this website now :)


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