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Pokemon vs Godzilla
« on: March 28, 2014, 19:59 »
This is my first RP match so please bear with me. Legendaries might be necessary so use them if you like.  10 people can join.  My character will be Godzilla, google him if you have no idea what im talking about.  If you wish to opt out, then another person can take control of your character.  The setting will be in the Sinnoh region, Jubilive City.  The city is being attacked by Godzilla.  Apparantly, with all the destruction that he caused, Arceus took note of it and sent him into the pokemon world where he could meet his death.  But the only problem is, he is 400 feet tall, can fire an atomic breath, and is basically indestructible.  This should be very interesting.  Have fun, and good luck.