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What Really Happened [J] [AD] [P]
« on: May 21, 2014, 01:49 »
"Fusion successful." A metallic voice spoke. Inside was a humanlike figure, but it wasn't completely human. It had pokemon features too. "Another successful DNA splicing." said a scientist. This person, along with many others have worked in this lab in the forest. It appeared ask a simple shack, but the secret lab was underneath it, only known to those who work there. The scientists have been testing if you can splice pokemon DNA with human DNA to create a pokemon human hybrid, or pokehuman for short.

Another person walks over, he's the overseer of the project. Professor Del was what everyone called him, no one knew his full name. Professor Del looked this new figure over and says, "Great work, but there's a defect, like the rest." The other scientist nods, "Yes sir, but we haven't perfected the process yet. Like you said, they all have defects. Plus there's the mark..." He was referring to a small x mark on all of the subjects, some on the arms, some on the legs and some on the ears. Professor Del spoke, "This is not going well, the project is taking too much money and time. People think i'm crazy." The scientist nods, but Del continued, "That's why i've decided to destroy the lab. Time to activate plan B" A few overhear this and panic. "B-but sir! We'll all die!" one says. Del is calm, "No, you will." he says, walking over to a control panel and pressing a button. "30 seconds to self destruction." says a metallic voice. The lab flies into a frenzy as Del walks upstairs and out of the shack, locking the door. "Now to alert the media...." says Del, with a devilish grin. 3....2....1.... Boom. The lab explodes, but Del is long gone. Everyone inside is dead, but... wait! A figure come out of the wreckage, obviously injured. It seems to be the only survivor, the figure stumbles out and into the woods. Other figures come out, they all know what happened, and all know Del's plan, his plan to erase his past and be a hero. They are all pokehumans. One by one, they scatter, injured into the woods, hoping to find help before they die.

Plot: A rouge professor from a pokemorph research project has made a scheme to make himself a hero. In the past, his research has endangered many, and is hunted for a reward. Only the pokemorphs know what happened, the other scientists were killed off in the explosion. You will be found by a normal human in the woods. That human will be a great help in your quest to find Professor Del. Your task... find the professor and discover the truth. The people in the city know about the explosion, but they think it was the pokemorphs. Luckily, there was another defect in the genetic code, you can go from your normal, or pokemon form, to your full pokemon form and use your pokemon moves in that form, but of course this take practice and at first, you can do this for more than a few minutes at the time. Still, this ability will help you on your journey to find the professor, and get the truth out.

Regular PKMN Rules

Power Playing is not allowed.

Do not godmod or control another person's characters, if you will be gone, feel free to ask someone to take control until you return, but in the first post that the person does it, they must specify that, or just shoot me a PM.

Keep it PG 13 please.

No limelighting except in your starter post.

Stick to the plot, if you have a sidequest you want to do, send me a PM.

Limit Out of Character speech as much as you can.

Any other questions, PM me.


Name: ((Shouldn't have to explain this))
Pokemon Species: ((Can't be legendary or completely outrageous, like a charizard. PM me if you need to see if yours is ok.))
Gender: ((Shouldn't need to explain))
Age: ((Teen years please. 19 is the absolute limit))
Moveset: ((Basically, your pokemon moves))
Appearance: ((What does your character look like in pokemorph form?))
Personality: ((What is your character like?))
Strong points: ((Is your character an ace at puzzle solving or is good in physical strength or the like? Put here your character's strengths))
Weakness: ((Anything your character is weak to, like to physically strong or a certain element that's normally neutral does more damage? Something like that))
Other: ((Any other relevant thing we need to know?))

Human Form:

Age: ((Once again, 19 is the limit))

Starter Post: ((Here you take off from the woods, your human finds your pokemorph and takes them to their house. The pokemorph is surprisingly only has minor injuries. Your pokemorph wakes up and your characters meet, and you receive a message to meet at a certain address, which is in a shady corner of town. Everyone goes to the same place. A paragraph at least please, the rest is up to you. That's your starter post.))

My character will come soon, if there's interest in the rp.


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  • You either die a hero or live long enough to get a bad reboot
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Re: What Really Happened [J] [AD] [P]
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2014, 01:52 »
Sorry, this was an error in the posting. The real thread is up.
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