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Re: Kanto has Fallen [P] [Ad] [C]
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Okay then.

Name: Eric Levin
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Description: He’s 5’7” tall and lean with blue-gray eyes and fair skin, although he mostly dresses black. Eric wears a studded black belt on dark jeans that fade into a steely color around the knees, where they’re ripped a little revealing some plucked white threads. On his head of dark hair he wears a black fedora with a white ribbon. Eric has on a black, short-sleeved shirt that he usually keeps unbuttoned, which he wears over a plain white t-shirt.
Personality: Eric is bright, but he’s too lazy to put his intelligence to good use. He is not only lazy but also laid-back. He’s unusually calm in any situation, so most friends try to get on his nerves just to test him, or just because he doesn’t mind. If Eric has a question or an opinion, however, he’ll make it known. What Eric hates is awkward silences. He thinks one should only speak when there’s something worth saying, so he can sit quietly. Straining conversation only makes situations even more awkward.


Voltorb – Molotov

Starter Post: I’m usually asleep at this hour… but this rebellion thing is keeping me up Eric thought as he crouched out of his room’s window and snuck out of the house. He left his brother a note. He’d understand. Eric was in no hurry. He looked like he was taking a stroll, whistling in the night. Although he looked relaxed, Eric wondered if he was joining a cult. He made it to Rock Tunnel more quickly than he had expected, arriving a few minutes early. Everyone here is about my age… what kind of cult is this?
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Re: Kanto has Fallen [P] [Ad] [C]
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Name: Full: Hunter Sol Kaneson ( goes by Sol)
Gender: Boy
Age: (14)
Description: (Where's Black and Gray Camo shirt and Black Sweatpants. Where glasses, but hates them. Crimson Hair and Hazel eyes.)
Personality: (A Prankster at heart and has anger issues. He is also insulted a lot about his butt. Chikorita (Syrup) is really calm and prideful and adamant, the total opposite of Sol! on the exterior he is very dominant and likes to bee alone, but on the inside he is very insecure, intelligent and wants a friend  )
Pokémon: (A Chikorita named Syrup )
Other: (Usually at the butt of everyone jokes. Half of them are about actual butts. Also past his pranks and rage, he is Very intelligent )
Starter Post: (On the Run From the Law)