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Re: [C] The Whisperers [Ad][P][Pa]
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((yeah sorry for lack of posting, been a busy and stressful week, whoops))

Dennis had spent a few minutes walking across the shore, seeing a few small fish Pokémon roaming around but nothing capable of carrying one person, never mind more. He sat down on the sand with Draco beside him and grabbed a small pebble, skimming it across the water.

"This is a lot harder than I thought it'd be..." He sighed, almost showing signs of defeat, before a large, somewhat round figure rose from within the water. It had a small lump on the top; the stone must have made contact with it. Rather than attack though, it swam closer, intrigued by the presence of Dennis and Draco.

"That must be a Wailmer!" Dennis exclaimed as he too moved closer. After a few seconds they were within touching distance. The Wailmer began to signal the pair to get on; not forcefully but more as a request, it seemed like it had a problem and wanted assistance. Knowing that this could be the only way for them to get a carrier. Dennis picked up his Deino and leapt on top of the Wailmer who began to surf into the distance; as this happened the teenager began to bandage the Pokémon to cover up the damage he had accidentally caused. A few minutes passed and the group began to approach another beach; as Dennis began to squint to focus on what was in the distance, he realised there was another Wailmer, only this one was stuck on the beach. At this point the Wailmer they were riding on began to shout, almost as a plea to help its friend.

"Don't worry, we've got this. Draco, when we get onto the beach, I need you to drive your head when I tell you to, okay?" Dennis asked as the Wailmer pulled up to the shore, allowing the pair to jump off. The Whisperer carefully picked up his partner and placed it centimetres behind the second Wailmer who was crying and struggling frantically.

"Drive!" Dennis barked with Draco obliging; he pushed his head down and began to step forwards, trying to move the Pokémon. It began to move very slowly; the progress was not enough to get it out of there any time soon.

"Drive harder! Drive as hard as you can!" Dennis reiterated, causing Draco to work harder. It still wasn't enough; sighing, he too began to help, pushing all of his body into the Wailmer. The pair pushed ferociously without much result; Dennis had almost underestimated how much it would have weighed.

"Can you try and get some more help? I don't think we can do this on our own," Dennis asked the first Wailmer, panting heavily, before pushing again. It obliged and swam back into the distance, trying to find extra assistance.