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Mockery for One:
Ok. It's like a Trozei Expy. But also with Pokemon. What do you think?

iirc, trozei also had pokemon, or else it wouldn't be considered a part of the pokemon franchise.

It seems pretty good. I was a bit hesitant to download it at first because of the in-game purchases and the life regeneration (1 heart every half hour) making it seem a lot like games you play on your phones or tablets. However, it's actually really fun and I like it a lot, because you can move the icons to make matches a lot more freely, plus the matchups, the capturing and the megas really make it a lot more interesting.

Hahex and Oshawott:
It's nice but it's no Puzzles and Dragons. If they made a pokemon version of that rather than super mario I would be all over it

Angelic Lapras King:
Anyone else stuck on Mega Gengar? T.T

Oh well, it's downloaded on all my 3DSs so... XD

Got it yesterday, on Level 71 now xD Love the game, but it takes so long to wait for hearts, doesn't help that some levels you realise straight after you see the level the mistake you made in choosing (I.e. Espeons ice makes you realise Sableye wasn't the best mega xD)


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