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Soooo, apparently the Pokémon Company is going crazy with freemium games now, and we've got a second one within the space of like 2 months. This one kinda plays out like the first rumble, for those of you who don't have it yet, and the micro transactions aren't very necessary at all, like there's no real need to buy them.

Anyways, how are people who have it progressing? I'm rank 17 and have the first 5 balloons (starter types & Ruby/Sapphire), trying to save up for the Silver Balloon now ^^

I'm about the same point and I have the silver balloon. Also my best is a crawdaunt at the moment.

I've only played a bit, so I don't have many balloons, but I actually have enjoyed what little I've played. It's a very interesting game. I was a little worried I wouldn't enjoy it at first, but apparently I actually liked it more than I thought I would. :0

Meowstic Royalty:
Im rank 27 or so but unfortunately I've reached the point where I can barely progress further. To get more balloons o need diamonds and to get diamonds I need to do the daily tasks. But I can't because I can't catch Pokemon powerful enough. So I'm kinda stuck.

I'm rank 25 and my strongest pokemon is a luxio


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