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sans the skeleton:
right uh so bear with me so the idea's a little vague

basically, the idea is based on a roleplay i used to be in on pe2k. (another pokemon forum that i was on at the same time as pkmn net - it's closed since, which is why i'm mentioning it at all because you can hardly advertise for a site that's completely down/closed. rip.)

this one is - the main theme at least if nothing else - based on the role play, in which there were a number of orbs. each contains the power/DNA of a pokemon. there was one for each type, so there would be one person for each type. i havent decided on legends or nah, but they're either all going to be legends or they won't be. in the case of normal pokemon they'll all be randomly generated.

so what i have planned is that there will be these 18 orbs. one orb per character and nobody can share a type. so the water orb might grant the ability to breathe underwater/swim really fast/generally adapt to water/sea. a suicune orb carrier might be able to purify water & run really fast (taking traits not just from the pokemon but from the legend, too) ....

whereas gorebyss's abilities are more "This Pokémon’s body is durable enough to withstand high-pressure levels in the deep sea, where it lives. Additionally, this adaptation allows it to withstand powerful attacks." so their defence would go up and adaptions would be more towards that.

but to be honest i'll probably just go for normal pokemon unless someone can suggest a legend for each of the 18 types. i could just have left it at 'an orb for every legendary' but, uh, no. too many legends.

in addition, the orbs would be absorbed into the trainer on use, so the powers/adaptions would be permanent unless removed by an outside force (notably: the bad guys. removing the orbs would cause permanent damage, though).

so this time i'm probably going to work on making sure it doesn't immediately Die like the last one, so there'll be no posting order or anything, but instead a rule that you have to make sure nobody gets left massively behind. so if the groups supposed to be discussing their next plan, but then two people decide to act for the full group and move on, defeat a gym leader, punch the bad guy in the face, etc, while everyone else is still in the starting carriage, and the others havent broken activity rules, then that is a big no no! i'd also be taking a slightly more intense role as a sort of 'DM' figure. if someone looks for berries i'll make a post saying something like 'you look and you look but all you find is a sock' or something, and have a system ready. (as well as an additional one for prompts or events to use if the RP gets slow.)

however, if the player hasn't posted in a certain amount of time and hasnt said anything, thus starting to kill the RP, then I, the 'dm', will take over for a few posts. after this, if the original player doesn't return, the orb carrier will lose their orb. somehow. i'll make it work.

essentially, what the story would probably go like, would be something like this...

* there are 18 people on a train - civilians, pokemon trainers, breeders, contest people, whatever. (there'll be limits, though, like you can have 3 badges max or one/two ribbons or whatever)
* the reason theyre on the train i havent decided yet. probably will be the goldenrod to saffron one, though as i want to use existing places. might just be a train somewhere in .
* something crashes into the side of the train, knocking it off of the tracks. people are injured. no dead because that would put it to be an 18+ rp which would have to be on another forum
* one of the train carriages has burst open, sending orbs spilling out on the floor. the 18 players (or however many we get) inadvertently touch them and get the benefits before the government or the bad guys that did the thing can arrive.
* though before this happens they get warned to run for reasons
* and then the plot goes from there? idk, it'd be an adventure to continue with their goals
* honestly kinda need to think about this more because i wanna open up the ability to join as part of the bad guys or as the scientists or something too, some of which could probably become orb carriers
signups would be done by PM (a bit like an audition process) for people auditioning for certain types of orbs but would probably be something for people to say (in the topic before the start of the thread) something like

--- Quote ---hi i'm [name goes here] and i'm auditioning for orb type
--- End quote ---

alternatively i could probably get the auditions done here in this thread, and then  have the forum topic be the first post, the forum, the accepted characters list, and then go from the first post or whatever.

kinda just need thoughts and a rough knowledge of who's joining

this is really interesting!! you put a lot of thought into it and i can tell by how well put your thought process is on this!! id totally be up for it!

Ah, man, this looks like a lot of fun. I'd love to join this

sans the skeleton:
oh good thanks guys, what types would you be interested in if you wanted to join this? (top five ideally but if you could order from the most wanted to least wanted that's be fantastic too)

Oh, umm, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Psychic, Steel, in that order.


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