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Is there anyone living near me who plays Pokemon Go?


I know I shouldn't be asking people where they live, but I think it would be nice if I could get a few people to team up with me for raid battles one day.

I live in Odd Down, which is in Bath (England), a short distance away from the Red Lion pub. Does anyone else live in the nearby area? I've never been to any gyms or raids before.

I wouldn't mind trying them out. I need someone to help me with them and explain what I need to do.

for gyms and raids you just take 6 pokémon and mash the screen as fast as you can until you beat the other pokémon, and then if it's a gym you can put 1 in to defend and earn coins every day, or if it's a raid you can attempt to catch it

the battling is pretty shallow and you get the best success by just mashing the special attack button so it uses it as soon as it's up

gym defending pokémon get weaker every time you beat them, when they get to 0cp they are knocked out of the gym (i feel like the most i've ever had to fight the same pokémon in a gym is 4 or 5 times before it was knocked out), when there's nothing left in the gym you can take it for your team and put a defender in yourself. then you get (up to) 50 coins when it is knocked out itself.

you can't attack a gym owned by the same team as yourself, but if there are less than 6 pokémon in it, you can put a defender of your own in since it's your team anyway. if it's owned by your team and there are 6 in there, tough luck nothing you can do until it's taken by another team.

you probably can't solo anything above level 2 with regards to raids (maybe lvl 3 if you have a really strong, super effective team) so don't waste a raid pass on anything over that since you only get 1 free one a day

I have a Mr. Mime with 650 CP, A Roselia with 549 CP, A Grimer with 484 CP, a Gulpin with 214 CP, a Jigglypuff with 205 CP, and a Pikachu (shiny) with 152 CP.

I'm hoping I can fight a few raids or gyms with them.

Mr. Mime:
Zen Headbutt 12
Psychic 100

Razor Leaf 13
Sludge Bomb 80

Poison Jab 10
Sludge Bomb 80

Pound 7
Gunk Shot 130

Pound 7
Dazzling Gleam 100

Quick Atack 8
Wild Charge 90

I chose those particular Pokemon because they are currently the ones with the most CP that I have, aside from my Pikachu.
The only reason why I put Pikachu there is because of it being shiny. I'm hoping I can make it a bit stronger.

uh i dunno if you'll be doing well against raids with a team that weak but you could try tier 1s i guess

you could maybe smash out some gyms since you can just throw yourself against them again and again until you win because of how they work

good luck

 There's a Community Day Weekend from this Friday (the 30th) to Sunday where you'll be able to nab a solid Larvitar, Dratini, and Beldum if you wanted some more competitive Pokemon? Tyranitar, Dragonite, and Metagross can hold their own in raids and gyms and can get to higher CPs.

 The problem with gyms is that squishier Pokemon won't be much of a problem for the attacker and once the Pokemon faints 3 times, it leaves the gym. If you're ever out in the evening, you might be able to sneak some Pokemon into friendly gyms with an extra space for you.



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