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Greetings PKMN.NET TCG COMMUNITY!!!! *tumbleweed*

As you guys may or may not have noticed there have been goings on in the TCG section of the site that I have been having at it with a jackhammer and now I am personally adding information to all the cards as well as making sure we get up-to-date setlists.

Big job, no one else would do it, enter me.... anywho.

As part of the re-fit we are in desperate need of you guys to send in scanned images of your cards! (except for those who already have an image... we don't need duplicates).

For now I will be concentrating on the following sets: Base, Jungle, Fossil, Base 2 and Team Rocket and as each set is completed I will move on to the next one. If you have scans for cards that we don't have an image for but are not from these sets still contact me on here or via PM. All sets are welcome!

So if you have a card that is featured on this list right here >>THE LIST<< then please get into contact (note that Gym Heroes is at the bottom).

Also, if you have cards for the sets released after EX:Magma & Aqua then we definately need your images! But since I haven't gotten round to it quite yet the sets themselves haven't been added to the site.

That's all for now... GET SCANNING!!!

iv got sum fossil, jungle and base set one cards, but i don t have a scanner, i could photograph them if you want?

That's cool :)

We don't need many from Base 1 or Jungle but Fossil could do with some gussying up.

Have you checked the list >HERE<? For the jungle deck it's basically the non-holographic rare versions of Electrode, Jolteon, Venomoth, Vaporeon, Scyther, Pinsir, Pidgeot and Mr. Mime we need. For Base 1 it's just the Double Colourless energy card.

Like I said though, there's a lot of Fossil cards left unaccounted for so that'd be aces :)

iv uploaded pictures of a load of my cards, hope there ok.
you can find them here

Thanks for that. I'll have them downloaded from there by the end of the week... so don't move them until then xD


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