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Random Randomness / Re: Happy Birthday, Utack and Swampy!
« on: April 03, 2015, 18:37 »
happy birthday!! Dang we havent talked in like a million years but you're still wicked cool and hilarious, and hope your big day's been amazing! :U

Random Randomness / Re: Happy Birthday Richard and Blaziken!
« on: April 03, 2015, 18:35 »
Happy birthday Richard!! You're still one of the raddest dudes I know omg I hope your day was lovely! c;

Random Randomness / Re: Buffalo Chicken
« on: February 04, 2015, 01:11 »
Have you had buffalo chicken mac and cheese before? My friends and I, whenever we make it we always sprinkle some bleu cheese on top of it and lord have mercy ;-;
oH MY GOD... no ive never had buffalo mac n cheese but that sounds amazing hhNHNH ESPECIALLY WITH BLEU CHEESE....

ive eaten buffalo wing flavored pretzels, meanwhile, which are also mind-boggingly good. cries over buffalo. cries forever.

Sixx stood up to his full height, listening as Fluer explained her plan of splitting up into small groups. He watched the Buizel take off out of the cave, and saw Nova quickly move to follow her out. He sighed and scratched his mangled ear. "Patrick," he called, "I'm going out with them, stay back here with Keira and all that." he glanced at his Sylveon brother, "You know...could be dangerous out there. We'll meet back up later."

"Oh, that's no problem!" Patrick chirruped back. He turned his head to watch his Anorith pal skitter behind one of the cave's many rocks, "Besides, my buddies are still here! I can keep an eye on them! it'll be fine!" he waved with one of his feelers and Sixx nodded uneasily, before getting down on all fours and shooting out of the cave after Fluer and Nova.

When Keira spoke up about the potential to leave at a moment's notice, Patrick blinked over at her, "Well, that shouldn't be too hard." He heard her mull over ideas for disguising herself, " that's a toughie!" He tilted his head and examined the Ninetales. Finally, he made a soft thoughtful snuff, "Maybe if you roll around in some mud it'll hide your pretty gold color! And make you...not smell like you, so you won't be as easily traced! Huh?"

Sixx, meanwhile, tore out of the cave and managed to spy Nova and Fluer heading off into the forest, the Lucario they were trying to shake fast on their tails. "Aw man," he mumbled, getting down into a running position again and taking off, Maybe if I get to the woods quickly I can throw up some illusions...disorient the Lucario...hmm...

Random Randomness / Re: Buffalo Chicken
« on: February 03, 2015, 18:52 »
weeps this topic is beautiful buffalos wings are probably my favorite food ever and buffalo wild wings is wONDERFUL even though i havent been in years :,U But yeah I'll never toss up an opportunity to have something with buffalo chicken in it, even like salads or in fajitas or something.

Sixx yawned, rolling over and cracking open his eyes. There was movement in the cave now, and in a few moments he deduced that it was indeed morning. Vaguely, he recalled Nova moving past him earlier and possibly mentioning something about going out, but that had been when he was still in a state of twilight sleep, and he'd almost assumed he'd just dreamed it. But no, he could see the Houndoom was here, gnawing away at some meat that appeared to have once been a Delcatty. He snuffed, pushing himself up onto his hindquarters and shaking out his massive head fluff.

He glanced over at Patrick, and smiled a little as he saw the Sylveon still curled up, snoozing away. Sixx then looked around the rest of the cave, and almost audibly sighed with relief as he spied Keira up and moving, looking much less battered than the day before. He slowly pushed himself up, heading over to where she and Nova were indulging in the fallen Delcatty.

"Ah...Keira," he said as he approached, waving a bit. He licked his lips, his mangled ear twitching a little, "It''s good to see you up. How are you feeling?" Feeling his nerves prickling up again, he reached over to snap up one of the Taillow Fleur had brought in, quietly ducking his snout and tearing into the tender bird meat. He cut his eyes up and watched Keira, hoping for a positive response from the Ninetales.

Patrick tried to keep good pace as him and Sixx followed the others into the cave, but his Anorith friend's slight bulk slowed him down a little. He didn't mind too much though, more concerned about keeping the small Pokemon safe and secure on his back than anything. His neck ribbons laced around Anorith, and he constantly glanced back as he walked, making sure he hadn't slid off his back during the journey or anything.

Soon they were in the cave, and the Sylveon leaned down again onto his front paws. "Now departing the Patrick Express!" He chirped, turning to bump Anorith gently with his nose to signal to him that it was safe to get off his back. Patrick glanced around the cave, smiling as he saw his friends settling in. Surely they'd be safe and sound in here!

Sixx meanwhile, shook out his fur and lopped down on the cold cave fur as soon as he was settled inside. He stole a glance over at Keira's fainted form, watching as SCRAP spritzed her with a potion. He was thankful the odd Pokemon had such skill with items. The Zoroark glanced down and the floor, licking his lips nervously. I probably could have carried her, he mused, knowing he hadn't made the move out of his own anxieties over her somehow finding out about it later, and the hypothetical nightmare that would follow that. He silently cursed his cowardice, and promised himself if Keira got injured again he wasn't just going to stand around lollygagging.

Suddenly the cave was illuminated, and Sixx glanced up and saw the campfire Nova had started in the middle of the space. he smiled, yawning a little himself when she did. "Man, it's been way too busy an evening for all of us, I think," he said, getting up and moving a bit closer to indulge in the heat, "Gonna need all the rest I can get my paws on."

The ground cracked and rose up in a small spot for a moment, before Sixx suddenly burst through the surface, digging out several feet from where he and his brother had descended. He pulled himself out, sputtering out dirt and shaking clods of soil out of his fur. He turned his head, eyes widening as he now noticed the raging forest fire around them and the others. "This is a nightmare..." he mumbled, reaching to click his claws together as a nervous habit. Suddenly a loud roar echoed trhoug hthe premises, sending the Zoroark stumbling forward with a yelp.

Patrick popped out of Sixx's back fluff, his ribbons instantly going rigid as he felt the heat around them. He landed on the ground, looking around frantically. He saw their Houndoom friend Nova running to investigate the loud roar, and their other compatriots milling about anxiously. He spied his small insect friend on the ground, looking..injured? "Sixx, I'll be back!" he cried to his brother, before running over to the Anorith. He skidded to a stop, touching his small friend with his feelers, "Oh, no...did you hurt your little wings? can ride on my back! I'll carry you if it hurts!" He got down into a bowed, kneeling-like position on his front paws, and nodded at his back. He had no idea how much the little Pokemon weighed, but certainly it couldn't be too heavy.

Sixx watched Patrick set to work with Anorith, and smiled a little. He then noted Keira's fainted form, an his smile turned int oa grimace. He prayed no other Doomsday Pokemon attempted to ambush them; between the fire and the general confusion, it was a very tight spot for everyone. He moved closer o everyone else, hearing SCRAP explain to a returning Nova that he would carry Keira back. Sixx examined the boxy Pokemon, and made the assumption that, yes, such an odd, but bulky Pokemon could probably carry a Ninetales with minimal issues.

Random Randomness / Re: Your Heritage
« on: December 15, 2014, 08:07 »
I'm half Cuban and half Italian! I love my heritage omg

Patrick stumbled back as Nova tore onto the scene, dispatching the aggressive Doomsday Manectric with ease. She was then speaking to him, asking if he was able to heal Keira. he glanced over at the Ninetales, and could see how battered she truly was. "I-I don't know any healing moves!" he stammered after a moment. His ears and feelers quivered, "I mean, mmm-maybe I have some berries, though.." He looked at his knapsack and poked his nose in, smelling the faint hint of the few berries he still had in there. Surely one of them had to be a healing berry. He glanced at his Anorith friend, "Stay here." he said quickly ,even though he was fairly certain his statement would be impossible for the little bug to understand. The Sylveon swallowed, before moving quickly to try and reach Keria.

His journey was short lived, though. Before he could even get a few feet out something shot out in front of him, buzzing wildly. Patrick screamed, instinctively throwing up a Protect shield around him as a Doomsday Beedrill threw itself a him, its spear-stingers crashing and bashing against the barrier. The Sylveon trembled, knowing his protect wouldn't help him for long. If that Beedrill decided to launch a Poison Jab or something, he was toast....

Suddenly, dirt was flying, and a ferocious snarl cried out as the Beedrill was lifted away from Patrick's crumbling shield and into the air, blood red claws slashing into its thorax. Sixx growled and snapped at the struggling bee. "Patrick, get back!" he called as he twisted in mid-air, slamming his foe back down into the ground. Patrick gulped and obliged, scrambling back, wondering if he could still get to Keira in time to give any help. He then heard a sickening crunch as his brother crushed the Beedrill's exoskeleton, ending the threat before it could do any harm. He looked over, panting. "You alright?"

However, before Patrick could reply, both Sylveon and Zoroark heard a loud yowl from Keira's direction, a single command to get back. Then there was a massive wave of heat, a shockwave strong enough to rock the two to their core. Moving quickly Sixx tumbled forward, tackling Patrick and shoving him into his back fur. He then dug beneath the surface again, as fast as he could to avoid the writhing fires from Keira's Overheat.

Random Randomness / Re: Favorite Christmas Songs/Carols
« on: December 13, 2014, 07:24 »
Wish List - Neon Trees
New York Christmas - Rob Thomas
Fool's Holiday - All Time Low
Step Into Christmas - Elton John
a bunch of other ones too

i actually like a lot of Christmas songs?? But mostly non-classics or ones that never get played on mainstream radio stations.

really the only like 'classic' Christmas song I can listen to over and over is the Barenaked Ladies cover of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. mmmm

Patrick yelped and staggered back as his Moonblast struck the Dodrio. It appeared to knock the infected Pokemon back some, but it was still standing, probably readying an attack. Patrick swallowed and stepped back, ready to throw up a Protect shield around him and his small Anorith friend, who was busy trying (and succeeding, to a degree) to fend off a Doomsday Scyther.

Suddenly, though, there was a blast of light as what appeared to be a Pikachu rocketed through the air and crashed into the Dodrio, letting loose a massive Thunderbolt. "Oh-!" Patrick exclaimed, his ears folding back in surprise as he scurried back to avoid getting hit by any wayward shocks. Turning his head, he spied their new Porygon friend, SCRAP, announcing that the target had been neutralized, and was off to fend off more foes. He smiled, "Ah! We have such strong friend, don't we?" he smiled down at his Anorith buddy.

Patrick's ear then twitched up. He turned his head, spying a shape emerging from the darkness, from near the mobs of Doomsday Pokemon Keira was fending off. It moved fast, very fast, and flashes of light (no, lightning he realized) flickered off its body. The Doomsday  Manectric snarled, its paws throwing up dirt as it ran. Patrick gasped as he realized the beast was charging at right for them, and his feelers flickered, ready to throw up the defenses.

Sixx could see the flashes of light from afar as he ran closer to his brother and friends. I have to move! he thought anxiously, and quickly he leapt into the air, before slamming down at the ground and starting to dig rapidly.

Sixx sprinted towards Patrick and Anorith. As he got closer he could see a multi-headed Pokemon charging his friends, and he snarled. A glowing reddish aura suddenly coated his claws as he tore forward, his Hone Claws sharpening the nails and preparing him for the attack he knew he'd soon be unleashing. Hang on, hang on, hang onnnn, he thought furiously, praying Patrick would be able to hold of the enemy until he got there.

Patrick yelped as the Dodrio ran forward. he needed to move quickly, otherwise hi mand his small friend would be toast for sure! He swallowed, wishing Sixx would get here. He worked best in tandem with his brother, but for now it seemed he'd have to manage by himself. Quickly he leapt in front of the Anorith, determined to keep him safe at the very least. "Don't you dare!" he growled, his feelers wiggling and spreading out wide as he tapped into his Fairy energy. Feeling the moonlight above him glistening on his fur, Patrick opened his mouth, forming a large orb of pink energy. Suddenly his feelers flicked forward, and with a snarl the Sylveon fired his Moonblast directly at the Dodrio's middle head, hoping to throw it off balance.

Sixx fidgeted as he watched Keira arise and take off towards the intruder and Fleur. He fidgeted even more as his keen eyes watched the Ninetales make it to the fallen Pokemon, but then for some reason appear to panic and take off into the woods. his ears jerked up in surprise. "Oh no." he ran back  to the edge of the camp where the others were, licking his lips. He was happy to see the boxy Pokemon had taken to guarding the area in its own way, but his nerves were still heightened. Something was up.

Patrick kept an eye on the Anorith as the little bug tried to investigate the fallen Pokemon outside of camp. The Sylveon padded forward, swiveling his ears and watching carefully. Suddenly, he noted the little bug tear off into the night, seemingly enticed by something.

"Oh?" he trotted out a little more, concerned about the small Pokemon. Suddenly, his blue eyes widened as he saw something large and green tear out of the shadows and attack his new friend. Patrick gasped, ribbons curling wildly. "Sixx!!" he called at his brother, before shooting off into the dark. Thankfully a few moments later it appeared the Anorith managed to down whatever had attacked him, but Patrick hurried forward anyway. He came up behind his little friend, panting, "Oh my goodness, are you alright? Are you hur- oh. Oh my." He looked up, spying a large three-headed Pokemon that glowered down at the Anorith. It looked nasty, and probably seething with Doomsday virus. Patrick's ears flattened as he came up next to his small friend, trying to look intimidating.

Sixx heard his brother as soon as he sounded a cry. "Huh?" He looked up, just in time to see the Sylveon take off into the dark. He snorted. "What's going on..?" Suddenly, he saw a flash of movement in the direction his brother took off, and immediately he was filled with a flash of dread. He cut his eyes over to SCRAP. "I'm checking up on them. Keep watch," He said quickly, before getting down on all fours and tearing forward after Patrick.

Sixx squinted a little at the Porygon as he explained that, since he was from another planet, obviously death wasn't the reason he was able to find what he was looking for. "Well, okay, whatever you say, man," he replied quietly, reaching to comb his claws through his thick head fur. His ear twitched as the boxy Pokemon continued, saying it was easy for him to maintain a watch due to his inorganic nature. The Zoroark smiled a little, "Huh. Well ,I guess that's pretty helpful. We could totally use some extra eyes to watch for things."

Patrick, meanwhile, continued watching the little bug Pokemon, seeing how tired the little guy looked. He giggled and patted him with one of his ribbons. "Don't worry buddy, we're all sleepy!" he giggled. Suddenly, the Sylveon's large ears pricked up, and he poked up his head. He could have sworn he heard something large hit the ground just outside the reaches of their camp. He blinked, and called to Sixx, "Hey, Sixxy is something out there? I heard a thing."

Sixx glanced a his brother, then peered out into the snowy expanse ahead of camp. His eyes widened for a moment. Something was out there in light snow, something large, lying almost like it had crash-landed. But it didn't look completely down for the count. There was also something smaller near the large body, Sixx snuffed. Is that Fleur? His natural instincts kicked in, fur bristling and a growl escaping his lips. That big thing could very well be an attacker, a huge one at that, and here they were just out in the open ready to be slaughtered. He turned to the others in the group and licked his lips. "Something...something big's out there. I'm waking Keira up. I'd...stay on the alert if I were you."

The Zoroark then quickly darted across the camp, to where Keira lay, still sleeping gently. Sixx hopped from foot to foot, feeling his nervousness settling in as he looked down at her. He shook his head a few times, trying to shake off his anxiety, before reaching down and shaking the Ninetales a little. "Keira? Keira!" he rasped at her, "Wake up! Something's out there and I...I think Fleur might be hurt? Hhhh, come on, wakey wakey...."

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