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Whaddya Listening To Version 1.3

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again, it has reached over 10000 replies and Joeno saw it fit to lock it.

np: Time Is Running Out by Muse

Aw, I was hoping to make the new one but no matter!

* Gurren_Lagann is np: Tyler The Creator - Yonkers
My favourite song of 2011 I've decided... might get his new album. Weird to think he's only 19 =o

I beat ye to it Webbz =P Need to be quicker next time

* Shaymin is np: Don't Marry Her by The Beautiful South

That's not what she said ;D

* Gurren_Lagann is np: Kanye West - Dark Fantasy [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]
Chi-Town + Wu-Tang = Classic

The Librarian:
*sigh* it wasn't as long as the last one.

The Sound of Silence - - - Simon and Garfunkel


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