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Basically, while following site rules (and avoiding race jokes, please avoid those), tell the worst, most punniest joke you can and the next person was to judge how horrible it is. I don't think a demonstration is needed for this.

Can you shoryukan? Sure you can.

not chloe:
Did you hear about the magical tractor?

It drove down the lane and turned into a field!

A broccoli went to a restaurant and was asked if he would like to see the special. The waiter told him it was meat pie to which the broccoli replied "No thanks, I'm a veggie!"

You have been a wonderful audience, thank you and goodnight.

The tractor one was so bad that I laughed a little. I'll be honest.

Katniss and Peeta? Please. If you want real hunger games, try green hippo vs. orange hippo.

Samuel L. Jackson thought snakes on a plane were bad enough, but that's nothing compared to dinosaurs on a spaceship, is it?

my entire existence

I was talking on showdown and one of the rooms was so dead, I thought that it was Fred Weasley.


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