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What's YOUR favourite Mystery Dungeon?

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tds!!!!! always
havent played super though. im eyeing it up in the nintendo store tho. is it worth buying...

I enjoyed tds and its postgame experience very much, but PSMD is now my favorite. It starts off nice and slow, focusing more on relationships between characters in the beginning instead of hurrying on with the main storyline. The game's characters are just so well-developed it's amazing.

Also, PSMD didn't have the super hard Zero Isles so it was a game that I could actually complete. I agree that the game ends abruptly after finishing the main storyline and doesn't have any postgame quests to provide a sense of closure, but maybe that's what encouraged me to continue playing

After I cleared the game, I couldn't believe that it was really over, especially when I hadn't even achieved the highest rank yet. So I kept playing and completing as much as I could hoping that doing so would activate some side quest that would continue the story.

It didn't, but I did end up clearing through every possible thing in the game. That made my life feel complete

My favorite of all time has to be Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team. It's the first Mystery Dungeon game I ever received and it's still the only one I haven't beaten to this day :P


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