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Wouldn't you guys like to see some romance between you and your partner in MD?

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The Hooded Trainer:

--- Quote from: SirBlaziken on February 27, 2017, 22:02 ---Guess we'll just have to settle for either poorly written or overly sexualized fanfiction instead.

--- End quote ---

Or, more than likely, both!

Tbh, i dont know if the romance thing is such a good idea. However, i would like the games to be better written overall, with more interesting characters and plots and stuff. I know its a silly kids game, but there isnt a single thing that cant be improved with better writing. Just look at sun and moon, with guzma and team skull and lillie and gladion and all the other really strong, totally unique characters. Hell, even the trial captains were really cool. Just saying, id still be playing super mystery dungeon if it didnt feel like all the dialogue had been written for five year olds.


--- Quote from: SirBlaziken on February 27, 2017, 22:02 ---Well since this topic got necromancer'd....

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oh no I'm so sorry >.<

I keep seeing cool topics and posting before I notice "Wait, this is super old"

the bread dragon:
this thread has been necro'd like 5 times, yours wasn't really that bad


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