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Wouldn't you guys like to see some romance between you and your partner in MD?

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--- Quote from: MonsterMon64 on November 13, 2010, 21:22 ---It depends on the plot, I guess. Would work better if both you and your potential love interest were formerly humans, imo (I only played Explorers of Darkness, but I assume all Mystery Dungeons thus far have started this way?) Although, there are quite a few possibilities if you went through a similar line of questions for your partner and/or love interest. Heheh, a Bonnie and Clyde relationship would be amusing... for example.

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Maybe it could be one of those games where your decisions throughout the story determine what kind of relationship you have with your partner and other Pokemon. Yeah...that would be awesome.

you should try asking somewhere with more furries...

rapidash king:
^ yeah seriously
i don't like furry stuff. all i'm imagining right now is a chimchar and a chikorita making out on that beach in the second mystery dungeon.

It'd be a bad romance so no, I wouldn't like to see it. It'd make a cool song though...

* Gurren_Lagann looks at Lady Gaga

Wouldn't happen since the player is supposed to be the pokemon and role playing as someone who sleeps with animals would be a bit odd. On the other hand it could add more depth to the game if you could replay the game as the offspring of you and your partner with special breeding moves and whatnot. I do have a soft spot for romance in games. :3

Imagine all the "metapod used harden" style jokes you could use in your relationship.  P:


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