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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. the Good the Bad and what could of been improved.


The way i saw pokemon mystery dungeon was as a new change to the overall playstyle.
but i did notice that a big deal of people didnt like it.

The main thing about PMD was the stories. where it lacked in the game style it made up with a good storyline. sure the story was slightly impaired due to the obliviousness and childishness of some of the characters and their refusal to have differentiating opinions on things coughcough partner not believing grovyle coughcough.

some of the games bad points was the battling style. I've noticed that players don't play as skillfully in pmd games as they would in the main games. myself included at first. i Remember i went through the first PMD without using a single wonder orb. but they help so much its ridiculous. lots of players dreaded Monster Houses but even through careful thinking they are easy to take down as well. the overall difficulty was based to a level about half of that of the main games.

I personally liked the fact that in that game the pokemon you truthfully worked with the most could be the best. the change from average pokemon trainer was fun too. and the story always made me want to play more

I didn't like some of the characters and I didn't like some of the overburdening effects of things like sandstorm.

the things I felt it was lacking in was a real co-operative game style. i'd of love to went dungeon crawling with my buddies. I would of enjoyed it even more if it had closer to pokemon ranger graphics.
I think they could of tried a different approach to the game like a different battle style. sequenced battles just like in the main games but with more of a battle system like in final fantasy games.

I also believe they could refine the story to be much more dramatic and emotional. like maybe providing a backstory to the main character in PMD2. could of done someting insanely good with somewhat of a reason that the main character actually bothered to travel out on this journey other then the fact of the dimensional scream.

Now ive noticed quite a few people didn't like or even bothered to give it a try.
what did you not like about the game? the plot? gameplay? or even just the idea of being a pokemon.
and what do you think they could of done to the game that would of made you try, play, or enjoy the pokemon mystery dungeon series?

Aggron is awesome:
I thought it was too easy but it wasn't that bad

Nightmare Eater:
I think that every player who got these games would have breezed through until reaching a boss that makes them rip their hair out. After that, those players would be using skills efficiently in that situation. Unless they just thought that boss was a one off and they can continue normally.

Utack and Swampy:
^For my Mudfishy self, that was Zapdos...Aggh, how annoying it was...

The main flaw of the PMD games was the lack of things to do after the story.

Post game in the regular pokemon games, you have the battle frontier, which is just as hard, if not harder, than defeating the elite 4, giving you a goal to accomplish after the storyline is done. In addition, you can also play against your friends with it, battling or trading. And if you don't feel like doing the BF, there's always something else to occupy your time..Contests in R/S/E/D/P/P, Pokeathalon in HG/SS, and Musicals in B/W. There was just physically more you could do with the game even after the main story line was complete, whereas in MD, after you finished the story line, you're more or less left with recruiting rare pokemon, and completing repetitive missions. You can't hook up with your friends, other than rescuing them if they faint in a dungeon, and even then you're playing separately from each other, even if the two of you might be in the same room. In addition, it becomes a long and boring task if you want to train new pokemon, because they can't survive a hit from a pokemon in strong level dungeons, and without any EXP bonus item, level up incredibly slow in weak dunegons. And even if you do train up these new pokemon, there's nothing to do with them afterwards (Can't trade or battle friends)...Except keep completing the same missions.

So, yeah. The story was novel and intriguing, and the game play was enjoyable, but there just wasn't anything to do after you completed the storyline that made it worth playing more.

Blue Rescue Team is by far my favourite game.
Difficult quests, great storyline, awesome gameplay, everything is here!
But the storyline... I think it's too short.
I'm the really nostalgic guy, and I hate when I complete entirely such a great game.

But well, there is so many quests and stuff to do, I hardly get bored.
But then Explorer of Darkness/ Time came.
Yes, another great game! But still lack storyline, and have less things to do then Blue/ Red.
But well, sky appeared, more storyline and quests.

But now... there is a new one for 3DS, and it is TERRIBLE. I seriously hate it.
Sadly, there won't be such great games anymore. Even if they improve their new game, it won't look like those, because of the graphics, gameplay...

The only thing I hate from the first two is the storyline, after all...


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