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Uncle Garnetto:
3 times I have tried to beat quicksand cave...3 times I have had a monster house blocking the stairs. What it the best way to get through one?

Edit: 4 times. This time I appeared in the middle of one after going Down some stairs

Edit: don't worry, I have figured out how to escape them... Get caught 6 times then throw the ds out the window!

Discharge is a start, or any water-spread move.

Mondo Oowada:
Vacuum cut, or vacuum wave, or whatever the move is called. That's what I used in PMD2. It comes in handy when you're fighting Luxray, too.

I've only ever gotten out of one once.
I had a Riolu that knew vacuum-whatsit and i was a Skitty so i used sing repeatedly on the pokemon close enough to attack :p it was really rough going for the first few turns, thank cod i had a couple revive seeds.

Mondo Oowada:
But SR/XL does prove a good point. Note, if you are a Pikachu in the game like I am, you get not one, but two room-sweeping moves. Vacuum whatever and discharge.


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