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Least favorite dungeon?

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in pokemon mystery dungeon red/blue rescue team, purity forest. I HATE PURITY FOREST!!!

The Shrub Dragon:
i'm a nerd who didn't play the aftergame so all of you are just here w these really hard dungeons and all i have as an answer is uproar forest

I can't reach the dang aftergame in ANY game. So here I am, wondering whatever dungeon Purity Forest is. Or Uproar forest. My worst experience? First run of any other dungeon than Beach Cave.

It's hard to decide between the Final Maze (PMD2) and the Path of No Return (GTI). Final maze because I usually starve to death before making it through the thing. 50 floors with barely enough food to sustain you. Path of No return because it's the same problems as destiny tower and some of the zero isles but the pokemon there are murderous! I'm looking at you roggenrola. That rock blast gets me every time!


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