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Least favorite dungeon?

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Moon Chaser:
Any which have pokemon with moves like silver wind and monster houses. Both of those are bad enough on their own without being combined.


--- Quote from: ShinyBlaziken2000 on October 02, 2012, 23:05 --- Try a move that attacks all tiles around you, and the worst places to go are zero isle, all (including center), Treachrous waters, and destiny tower

--- End quote ---

No, Destiny Tower is the worst. The Zero Isles are very good dungeons (all except South and Center). South and Center are bad because there are no Sealed Chambers inside them. The other Zero Isles have Sealed Chambers, and I get Elemental Silks and good treasure from them, which I need.
And Monster Houses are awesome! They get me free Gummis! Not that I need any cause Sun Skirt the Masquerain's stats are all maxed out! Not with 999s and hacks, but with legit numbers. But Silver Wind is very useful! And Discharge!

Zero Isles, those dungeons are impossible.

Green Apple:
The 99 floor ones. Thats just a little bit to long for me

Who cares about clearing them? It's the treasure that counts. I am a cloyster! I love cloysters!


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