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Richard and Blaziken:
So the demo to the new PMD game is in the 3DS e-Shop. It allows you to continue in the actual game from where you leave off in the demo, so there's no reason not to try it.

I have to say, I am very underwhelmed with the demo. They've ditched the personality quiz, and given you an option of Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott and Axew. That, for me, was underwhelming. Personally, the quiz in the past has made me feel more connected to my avatar, because I wouldn't be that Cyndaquil if I wasn't the Timid type. The selection here has been watered down, too, with only 5 choices, making replayability a factor.

As for the game itself, the graphics look nice. The 3D effect is good, and things look pleasant, but for me, that's where the praise ends. The plot is boring, and the whole thing feels kinda 'been here done this', which is typical for Pokemon, but I felt EoT/EoD/EotS sucked me into the plot a lot more.

Anyway, what did you think of it? Post your thoughts on the demo and the game itself here, since I'm genuinely curious about what other's first impressions were.

I haven't been able to download it, and probably won't get to play it until it comes out - I'm hoping these little factors will all be cleared up - more starters, a personality quiz, etc...

the Explorers series was absolutely amazing in terms of plot and how close you felt to your character, and I really hope they bring that back.

From screenshots, the graphics do look pretty tasty =3

I tried a little of the demo, but I won't be shelling out for the full game. From as far as I did get in the plot before trying to scan every circular object for the seperate Magnagate Mode (heck, I like a good gimmick... but shame the demo only lets you scan small circles) it was... well, I'm easy to please, so it had enough to draw me in. My main gripe was what they did with the controls. I have no idea why they couldn't have kept the system from Explorers of Darkness, etc. It just feels like they're overhauling things a bit too much here for whatever reason. Well, I could be exaggerating a bit there, but... something feels off in general.

I'm not gonna lie, though: probably the most amusing thing about this demo is that Quagsire kept going "Hmm" and "Mmm" a lot, and I couldn't help but think of the Zelda CD-i games. Next time I catch a Wooper, I'm naming it Morshu.

Also, Enigma, I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure there won't be a personality quiz in the main game, either. Shame, that's also one of the things I liked about Mystery Dungeon. (I got Cyndaquil too, Richard! )

i played the demo for all of 10 seconds and i already hate it. i only bothered to download it to see for myself the exclusion of mudkip and all the other starters, and the first thing i find is a voice telling me to save the pokemon world. it's bad enough that there's only 144 pokemon in it which is completely negligent of the series' standards they've built up, but the way the games are supposed to b is u turn into a pokemon with no idea y and u search for that reason. u travel and explore with ur rescue team or w/e and ur character learns to love the world and ur friends in it enough to want to save it urself, and even want to stay there as ur new home. not just b brought into it and given a mission to save it. i'm largely sentimental in terms of tradition in games and changing the dynamic and having anything less then the known amount of pokemon available in-game is out of the completely out of the question. but i could forgive all it, if they'd at least let me b mudkip. that's been basically my spirit pokemon since the first mystery dungeon games and i refuse to choose otherwise.


GtI does not live up to the previous standards nor the hype it is given.  The only thing I felt when I played the demo, AND when I watched the trailer was a sense of disappointment and an overwhelming urge to replay EoS...


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