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Pokemon Movie 15 to get UK DVD release? - Updated: Out Now! =D


I have no idea. -innocent cough- According to Amazon UK, Pokemon Movie 15: Kyurem vs The Sword of Justice is scheduled to be released on 14th October 2013. However... as I've stated before, I'm pretty sure that a Movie can't be released in this Country (UK) unless it has been passed by the BBFC. And at the time of writing (1st May 2013), I did a quick search of the BBFC Website and it had no mention of Pokemon Movie 15.

So... it's perfectly possible that within the next month it will pop up on the BBFC Website and it will indeed be released on 14th October. Or it might not and this topic may be completely premature. I just thought that I should mention it. -scratches head-


Edit [22nd August 2013]: I've got two pieces of news. ^^ Firstly, Pokemon Movie 15: Kyurem vs The Sword of Justice was passed by the BBFC on 15th August 2013, meaning that it can now be released in this country. Yay. ^^ The second piece of news is that Amazon.co.uk have changed the release date to 30th September 2013. So... yay again. ^^


Edit [8th October 2013]: I would just like to say... Movie 15 is out now on DVD! =D There is a regular version and a version that contains a Limited Edition Trading Card... although I don't know what of as I haven't gotten hold of a copy myself. -coughs innocently- But... yay! =D

Uh.....that's good I guess. I never bothered to look into the BBFC details.

I think it's a little shameful though just how late we get Pokemon movies. M15 will come out in the UK months AFTER M16 has aired in Japanese cinemas. I can understand that we probably won't get any viewings in the UK of Pokemon Movies anymore but they could at least speed up the process. Even other anime releases get here faster than Pokemon movies and Pokemon has far more weight behind them than UK anime publishing companies (Who have to get the rights to publish the anime, which Pokemon Company doesn't have to worry about).

Ideally I wish all the movies were shown in cinemas and we got all the events, maybe following the dual-release of X/Y Pokemon will start seeing more simultaneous releases for movies, merchandise, wi-fi events etc.

Angelic Lapras King:
Better then before at least. How long did we wait for Destiny Deoxys?

Its the same with movies really. While most films do release here close to the US release, some can take much longer (Wreak It Ralph came to UK cinemas last Feb, while America got it last November. I believe we're not getting the Jurassic Park 3D Rerelease till August).

In the end from experience, if time is an issue, its better just to import. I've had the 15th movie on Blu Ray since about March (Australian Blu Rays work with UK Blu Ray Players as we share the same region code). Even if you don't want to throw money on a new DVD Player thats multi region out of the box, most DVD Players have a region/hack code you can look up online to turn it into a region free DVD Player if you look up your player's make with region hack code.

I've updated my original post with the news that Pokemon Movie 15: Kyurem vs The Sword of Justice has been passed by the BBFC and that Amazon.co.uk have updated their listing to show that we're getting an earlier release date of 30th September 2013. I've been checking the BBFC Website about once a fortnight since I posted originally in the hope that Movie 15 would eventually be listed. ^^;; I may be a tad too cynical at times, but I thought it was worth a look every now and then since Destiny Deoxys did get released last year. XP Although I don't like the new Layout... type "Pokemon" into the Search Box at the top and Movie 15 shows up on Page Three of the results whereas Destiny Deoxys pops up on the first page (at least on my Computer). >.>;; As for Amazon, I just checked it whilst updating my post so I have no idea when the release date got moved forwards. -coughs innocently- On the UK tending to get things last... I'm personally grateful that we get some of these releases at all, heh. ^^;;


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