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4 days till Gates to Infinity!

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Hey guys, is anyone getting gates to ininity when it comes out? I'm probably going to get it on the 22nd, but it's only 4 days till the release!!!

Mystery dungeons my favourite part of Pokémon so I'm looking forward to this one, I finished the demo and it looks good. If any Americans (or Japanese) see this, is the full version good?

Eh. I don't have much money, and honestly, this one is disappointing me so far - less dungeons, less starter Pokemon, the removal of the personality test. I probably will get it eventually, if it goes down in price.

The shortness (?) of the game is a little disappointing from what I've seen, and so is the lack of starters (I wanna be Chikorita :(), but I was kinda glad they got rid of the test, I always got stuck with something awful like mudkip or treecko :(

I think the only thing that I've read about it that I'm really disappointed about is the lack of Pokémon you can get, it's something like 144.

The demo was fun though, and it's easier to play than the others (easier move selection and stuff). I'm just getting it for my B'day, much easier then ;D

Fair enough. If I had a B'day coming up, I know I'd ask for it too.

I know a lot of people probably didn't like the test, but for me it always had a certain charm to it. I remember buying Explorers of Time and sitting at home for hours, resetting the game until I got a Piplup. Was it annoying? Yes. Did I get frustrated? Definitely. Did I get sense of satisfaction and relief when I finally got it? Absolutely.

Yeah, but with only 5 starters it probably wasn't worth putting the test in, and also Gen V starters are probably some of the least popular, I mean you see how many people love Blaziken, Charizard, Mudkip and Piplup (he is definitely worth the hours of resetting ;D), so they just thought they'd save people time.

Glad you finally got your Piplup though, he's one of my favourite starters (piplup and Chikorita lines are my favourites)


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