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Gates of Infinity: What were they thinking?

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I am seviper hear me hiss:
I don't know if you heard. But the Pokemon we are going to be are only males!! If you have already you already know, but it's really annoying! I'm female! I was going to be female! I was going to start of as a female Snivy! Like I know we can choose now but still! Do you have any ideas why they did this? :'(

Silverwing Bloodsplash:
Yeah. GTI is most definently the worst PMD game out there. Makes me cringe.

Am I the only person who actually liked it? I just sorta liked building Paradise... The game was a lot smoother too. My only problem was that not every Pokémon is available.

Yeah, I liked it, but there was no torchic, combusken, or blaziken.

Especially getting DLC for Evolutionary Stones or getting max scores in Beartic's Slide game thingy. And the whole thingy being only male sucks, and I miss the quiz you would get when you played older games, and I kinda hate that they pushed older gens out, and made it mostly 5th gen and getting a legendary after a couple of minutes into the game -__-'


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