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the bread dragon:
hey there
so reading scraftys fanfic made me want to try my hand at writing one
so here i am
its based on my favorite game ever, explorers of sky because it has a really really cool storyline
it doesnt really have a title but it doesnt really need one i dont think???
so im gonna shut up and type this thing
oh real quick note im typing on a tablet so real hard to fix errors if there is something wrong itll get fixed soon enough (like i need to italicize some stuff which aint easy)

Chapter 1

"Whoa! Wh-Wh-Whoa!"

"Are... Are you okay?!"

"No! Don't let go! ...just a little longer! Come on! Hang on!"

"N-n-no! I can't... hold on!"



    It was a stormy night in Treasure Town.  Enormous tidal waves hit the cliffs, sending sea spray everywhere. The clouds, black as night itself, poured heaps of rain into the already unforgiving sea. The lightning illuminated the town for fractions of a second. No resident dared to come out of their homes. The wind would blow them into the sea! Some couldn't even sleep under their warm blankets inside their safe houses.

    All of Treasure Town just had to wait for the storm to pass.

    One resident took shelter in an unlikely place. Where, you ask? Between the jaws of a shark! Of course, not really. He was inside of Sharpedo Bluff, an odd rock formation in a cliff that resembles a Sharpedo (hence the name.). The Riolu inside the cliff sat by the fire.

    Doesn't look like it will pass anytime soon... Guess I'll have to wait till morning. So, like everyone else, he curled up in his bed and tried to sleep.

    When the Riolu awoke, the sun was just rising. To his delight, there was no downpour outside, and the sea had calmed down. He headed out of his house and to the world-famous Wigglytuff Guild!


    "Urgh... Where... Where am I?"
    On the beach, a blue cat asked himself this. He couldn't see very much of anything because of his blurred vision, and his head throbbed with pain. And, strangest of all, he couldn't remember anything - execpt one word. Leo. He figured it was his name. Even if it wasn't, he would call himself that. Leo is a pretty cool name anyway.

    "...I can't....Drifting off..."


    As the Riolu passed through Treasure Town, he saw that some of the shops there had been wrecked. The Marowak Dojo had fallen apart.
    "Guess I won't be training there anytime soon..." He sighed. Riolu felt bad for Marowak. Some other buildings had taken some damage too, but none too severe. Duskull Bank was still intact. The Riolu had saved up a small fortune in there, so he was reilieved to see it hadn't been destroyed.
    He arrived at a crossroads once he had passed through the main part of Treasure Town. To the south was a path leading to the beach. He had just come from the west. To the east was where the dungeons were. He headed north, to a pink tent resembling a Pokémon: Wigglytuff.

    Wigglytuff's Guild.
    He paced in front of the tent. Many times he had tried to enter the guild... but he was nervous. This time, he had brought his personal treasure with him. But... what if I mess up? What if they don't let me in? No... I have to do it. I have to be courageous!

    He stepped onto a grate.




    Riolu stepped of the grate quickly.Oh... that was too frightening. I guess I really am a chicken. I thought my personal treasure would help me, but...  He sighed and walked toward the beach, dissapointed in himself.

    As the Riolu walked away, two ominois looking Pokemon arrived in front of the world-renowned guild. They were Koffing and Zubat.

    "Hey Zubat," Koffing started. He spoke in a low voice to make sure the Riolu couldn't hear him. "Did you get a load of that?"

    "You bet I did," Zubat replied. He had a mischievous grin from ear to ear.(Speaking figuratively, of course. Zubat's mouth is that big without smiling!)

    "The little wimp was pacing around... had something good, right?"

    "He had something, thats for sure. Looked like treasure."

    "Do we go after it?" Koffing asked eagerly.

    "We do." The headed down to the beach, where the Riolu was.


    The Riolu headed down to the beach. That was his favorite place to go when he was feeling down in the dumps. He didn't realize it, but he had been pacing in front of the guild all day. By now, the sun was setting! The Krabby were blowing bubbles, and the sun's rays created a beautiful scene.
    "Wow.... I love the beach!" He looked over to his left.

    "Hey... what's that?" He saw something moving. Was it... a Shinx? You never see those here! How odd. The Shinx got up, staggered around, and fell over. The Riolu rushed to him (or her, I guess).

    "Are-are you okay?!" the Riolu said.

    "Oh, yeah, sure, I just fell on my face, of course I'm okay!" the Shinx exclaimed. (Yup, definitely male.)

    The Riolu looked taken aback by this. He now hesitated before saying anything in front of this Shinx. He'd find a way to insult him. "S-sorry... What happened?"

    "Uh, I really dunno, I just appeared here a few hours ago. And, hey, how come you can talk? Riolu's dont talk in the video games, so why would they in real life...WAITWHATTHEHELLYOUSHOULDNTEXISTWHAAAAAT?!?!?!" the Shinx exclaimed.

    "What are you talking about? All Riolu talk! And why wouldn't they? You're a Shinx and you can speak perfectly fine!" The Shinx was really confusing the Riolu now. "Oh, and watch your language! Dear Arceus, we oughta stuff soap in this guy's mouth!"

   "Hold on just a minute..." the Shinx said. "I'm a Shinx?!? No, no, no, it must be a trick of the light. I'm a human! And my name is Leo!"

    "You look like a perfectly normal Shinx to me. And if we're introducing ourselves, I'm Luke."

    "Hey! Watch out! There's a --- ouch!" Leo shouted as Luke was slammed into by a Koffing. A rock that he was holding went flying on impact.

    "OWOWOWOWOWOW!!" Luke shouted. "Why'd you do that?" As Luke was talking, the Zubat accompanying the Koffing snatched the rock. "Unnecessary roughness! 15 yards!" Leo shouted. ((american football reference - Europeans won't get it haha))

    "Oops! My bad! Suckers." Koffing said, walking into a nearby cave.
End of Chapter 1

Meowstic Royalty:
Hah, good to see I've inspired someone! This is really good, can't wait for a new part.

Speaking of which I'd best get my lazy ass working on my own fanfic :-P

Zeke, if I wasn't so lazy, I'd do my PA character's past in a fanfic.

Good start bread.

the bread dragon:
woo replies i dont have to edit that post anymore
and sidenote before i start chapter 2: i realize the game has divvied itself up into chapters, but im not going to use those to break this up. some of those are really quite long and my poor fingers cant do that owowow

Chapter 2

Once Zubat and Koffing waltzed into the cave without any intervention from Luke or Leo, Luke just broke down.

    "Th-th-thats my p-p-personal treasure... it means everything to me! I-I-I can't lose it.... Oh no..." Leo felt sorry for him, even though he just met the Pokemon minutes ago. He didn't show it on his face, though. The past minutes had been such a blur. He collapsed on a beach learned he was a pokemon, and met Luke, someone who he thought he could befriend.

    "Well, you can't just let them take it right from under your nose and let 'em get away with it!" Leo said, raising a paw into the air, and losing his balance.

    "Y-y-yeah! Let's go and get them!" Luke cried, feeling somewhat motivated. He walked into the cave, with Leo stumbling behind.

    "So, uh, how do we find them in here? It seems pretty big, and empty," Leo said.

    "I heard this isn't too big a dungeon... only 5 floors. We just have to find our way to the stairs and reach the bottom. If they end up there, we could corner them," Luke replied. They walked through a narrow passageway. Once through that, they entered a larger room. Upon entrance, Luke noticed something out of the corner of his eye

    "Hey... look at this! A seed! Wonder what it does?" Luke said as he picked it up.

    "Here, lemme see." Luke handed Leo the seed. "Hm.. I feel a bit drowsy just holding it. Maybe if we throw it at someone, we can put them to sleep!" Luke was skeptical at first, but he caught on eventually. They kept exploring, and ran into a wild Pokemon.

    "Ah! Kabuto!" Luke exclaimed while using a speedy Quick Attack. The Kabuto lived, but was shaky. He fired a Water Gun at Luke, but he lived easily. Luke quickly finished him with another Quick Attack. After searching a few more rooms, they found the stairs. On to the second floor!

    When arriving in the 2nd floor, they found the stairs very soon. They entered thefloor in the room the stairs were in. How convenient is that! To the 3rd floor!

    "Things are going pretty smoothly, huh, Leo?"

    "Yeah, they - whoa! A Shellder!" Leo exclaimed. He Tackled the Shellder and took it out. Soon after, he did the same to a blue Shellos. "What was with that last one? It was blue! I thought they were pink," Leo asked.

    "Shellos's East Form is blue, and not pink. Seems we're on the East side," Luke explained. "Aha! The stairs! On to the fourth floor!" They walked down the stairs.

    After a great deal of searching, they couldn't find the stairs to descend on to the final floor.
They ran into a few battles in the search. Once, they were triple-teamed by some Omanyte. However, Leo and Luke made a good team and defeated the Omanyte. After wnat seemed to be an eternity, the found the stairs.

    "HEY! YOU STUPID KOFFING! GIVE MY FRIEND HIS ROCK BACK!" Leo yeled as soon as he reached the bottom of the cavern.

    "Uhm, yeah! What he said!" Luke was afraid to say anything much to the bullies.

    "Oh, look, what do we have here? Our friend, the chicken," the Zubat said. Leo was really getting mad at Zubat and Koffing. He was tired of their shenanigans. Before anyome saw it coming, he hurled the seed at the Koffing. He barely hit him, but it was enough.

    "Hey! What wazzzzzz...." Koffing said before falling asleep.

    "What was that? Why is he asleep? What's going on? Ahhhhh!" Zubat said, while taking a Quick Attack to the face. After a Tackle from Leo, he was finished. Now, on to Koffing. What Leo did to this Koffing shouldn't be considered a Tackle. What I would call it is a "Steamroll" attack, or something of the sort. He bowled into Koffing and knocked him out on the spot. Luke stood back, astonished by the foece of the attack.

    "I don't know about you, but that's what I call a critical hit, " Luke said while snatching the rock.

    "You betcha," Leo said, walking out of the cavern.

End of Chapter 2

not the greatest chapter ever, but oh well lol
thanks to you two for the words! means a lot

I've actually played the game. You've stuck pretty close to the real story.


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