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Should I bother with any MD game past Explorers?

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Honestly, Explorers were the last good games. I played GtI and while it wasn't No Mans Sky bad, it was still a slap to the face. I haven't play SMD but from what i've heard it's not worth it.

Captain Jigglypuff:

--- Quote from: MonsterMon64 on September 26, 2017, 13:41 ---Alright, so far that's one vote for Super Mystery Dungeon and three marks against Gates to Infinity. I guess that rules out one of the games, at least. Could use a few more opinions regarding the other, though, before I commit either way.
I'm reminded I don't think I ever beat the demo for this game... but that aside, you at least have my sympathies with accidentally-stealing-from-Kecleon. I never actually did invoke its wrath (that I recall?) but it was always a concern of mine in Explorers. I take it they stopped asking if you want to buy the stuff you picked up? That's a bit weird. Hope it didn't care over into SMD.
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Yeah. As I recall you pick what you want and talk to Kecleon to purchase the item. It somehow stays in your inventory until you either put it back or buy it.


--- Quote from: MonsterMon64 on September 26, 2017, 13:41 ---I'm guessing that's a post-game feature? Was planning to go in blind, but since you brought it up, can't help but be curious. And yeah, I guess if it's not Baby-Mode easy then the (lack of) difficulty shouldn't be an issue for me.

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Nope@ It's not, as too not give things away...you travel around multiple islands through the main story

You'll have to play to find out why though~

Thank you for your advice

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