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Angelic Lapras King:
To prevent a dozen more of these topics being made I have introduced a sticky fav movie topic with a poll and all. As new movies are released I shall add them in the poll.

At the mo I d say the 4th is my fav.

Articuno Seagull:
k here we go, in order:-
Pokemon 2000/Mewtwo Strikes Back
Pokemon Heroes/Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew
Destiny Deoxys
Jirachi Wishmaker
Celebi Voice Of The Forest
Spell Of The Unown

I used to think the best movie was the 4th one, but I always change my mind between P2K and 4ever, so I just picked 2000, cos it's got a lot more in it, but I'll prolly change my mind next time I watch 4ever (lol) plus I've only seen 1-5!  :(

I've only seen 1-5 too...

1. Mewtwo Strikes Back
2. Pokémon 2000
3. Pokémon Heroes
4. Spell of the Unown
5. Pokémon 4ever

I personally didnt enjoy pokemon 4ever. Apart from the audio commentary which was cool to hear the voice actors for 1nce. Since I live in england i havnt seen Pokemon movies 6-8 yet. SO i will prob hav 2 wait a while to see them.


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