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Your favourite Pikachu Short?

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has to be pikachus vacation.

Lethal Hamster:
Pikachu's vacation i love the song "Vacations were I wanna be, party on the beach were the fun is free,
we don't need a holiday to start to celebrate
Repeat after me i need a vacation"
 ;D At least I think that's what it said...

Crystal Celebi:
I like camp pikachu coz the pichu bros are so cute, especially the one with the tufty hair! ^_^

Meh likes teh pichu =)

Lethal Hamster:
Changed my mind! I saw pkmn Heoes today (and obviousley camp pikachu) and camp Pikachu is my fave. I love the little dance they all do at the credits!

--- Quote from: Articuno Avianos on December 31, 2005, 00:45 --- the others were a little boring.

--- End quote ---
I was about to say how could you find camp pikachu boring, but then you said you'd only seen up to 4 *phew*.


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