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I agree with Robin, I followed what Blaziken said... I ran into a Ghost type that sweeped my entire party... I couldn't do anything against it when it narrowed it down to Blissey... By the way... I just pulled off an "Uber-Blissey" Sweep on a Single Battle.

Sorry I didn't read this earlier... I was toying around with the team for a while... And now I have something that works-ish.

Team Building / Re: Showdown Replays
« on: October 06, 2013, 23:26 »
I May have lost, but it was a good round for me.
EDIT: By that I mean... I'm just getting into Competetive battling... And this is the first team I ever designed for that cause... It went through plenty of edits, however. Turn 10 has to be the best part.
EDIT2: This is more current. I actually won this one...
EDIT3: I lost this one, but I think I did very well up until his Ferrothorn took care of me.

Team Building / Quick Questions about my Double Battle team...
« on: October 06, 2013, 20:47 »
I'm doing a Tag Team of Blissey and Gengar, and I'm rather new to the competetive battling scene...
The stuff in red text is what I'm not sure about, though any other input will be helpful. I will not change things in Blue Text for obvious strategic reasons. (In this case... Coverage of every type)

Leftovers/King's Rock
Natural Cure/Serene Grace

*Rock Slide
*Ice Beam

EV Spe/SpA
Choice Scarf/Big Root
*Focus Blast
*Dream Eater
*Shadowball/Trick Room

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: September 23, 2013, 01:38 »
Steel sighed, "Alright... You work on pulling us out from in here... Munchlax and I will relax for a bit." Steel chuckled. The Noctowl seemed to understand what Faye was implying, it is a rather intelligent Pokemon after all. It launched upwards from the floor, gaining altitude at an extremely high speed; the Noctowl soared over the Burned Tower and flew through a large hole in what's left of the ceiling. It reached Steel and clutched his shoulders, tugging upwards gently. Steel shouted to Jade, "Hey! Is this guy the one who saved you?..." Steel recalled the Munchlax to it's Pokeball. "Alright... I guess it's saving me as we--" The Noctowl started flapping its wings and raised Steel upwards at a speed that is still quite high. The Noctowl soared through the hole once again, and dropped Steel to the floor within a foot from where Jade would be standing. "Huh..." Steel rubbed the back of his neck. "What a... Helpful Pokemon... Hm?" The Noctowl flapped its wings and landed on Jade's shoulder, it made a contented hooting noise after it had relaxed. Steel rolled a normal Pokeball in Jade's direction. "That Noctowl seems to like having you around, and quite a lot it seems." Steel stretched a bit.

A Loud crash came from inside the burned tower, some more pillars appeared to be collapsing. "Wha-huh?" Steel looked back towards the tower, an ominous light flickered, and a shadow passed by a crack in the wall. "I don't like this at all, Should we get moving?" Steel looked a bit rattled. And Jade would (possibly) feel the presense of some ghost Pokemon inside the building. The Noctowl hooted warily at the building.

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: September 21, 2013, 23:22 »
"I'm uh... I'm alright... I think" Steel coughed... "What was that thing that came by?..." Steel attempted to climb the fallen pillar, but it was too thick to crawl over. "Just... Hold on! It's probably not a good idea to move the pillar... Who knows what else could break... Sorry I got you guys into this mess... I'll see what I can do to try and get out" Steel's footsteps could be heard as he walked around the pillar, observing it quietly. "Uh... Hm... Yeah... I'll just wait here for a bit I guess. Sorry... But... Sidney? Jade? Do you think you could take my Pokemon?... Just for a bit, take them over to the Pokemon center and whatnot? I'll be fine on my own... The place seems quiet." Steel rolled three Pokeballs through a small crack underneath the pillar. "Take care of them... I'm keeping Munchlax just in case." Steel knocked on the pillar for a bit, "Alright... Just head on out... I'll join you in a minute."

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: September 18, 2013, 23:19 »
"Eh?... Oh yeah, sure... We can leave I guess." Steel rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Riiight... How about we just... get on out of here, then?..." Steel took a step towards the door when he heard a loud creaking noise and shuddered, frozen in place. A tall pillar from high up in the tower flew down towards the ground. Steel leaped backwards, away from the falling pillar. A Pokemon in the tower spotted Jade and Sidney, and swooped down from above on long wings, it looked awfully strange as it latched onto Jade and Sidney, a ball with tentacles wriggling around as they latched to the two, a thinner upper body, long wings, horns... It just generally looked awfully strange... Anyhow, it saved the two from a falling pillar; whether or not they could help themselves. Steel was trapped on the other side of the pillar. Whitney was able to escape before the pillar collapsed, of course. After the Pokemon had saved the two from near doom... The dust began to clear... Revealing that, rather than one odd Pokemon, it was two. Noctowl and Shuckle. The Noctowl released itself from the Shuckle's grip and fluttered to the ground, it looked curiously at the two odd-looking people it had just saved from... falling pillars.

Role Play / Re: [DISC] Been a While Since I've Done This Here
« on: September 18, 2013, 23:03 »
EHEM... The RP I'm running is pretty active when the users aren't doing anything else... I must say.

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: September 13, 2013, 04:17 »
"I-- Uh..." Steel drew Spyke back into the Pokeball, "Right... I uh," Steel breathed deeply for a moment before casting out another Pokeball, "Kapp, let's get this done real quickly, alright?..." Steel's expression changed so abruptly that it's hardly believable. "Kapp... Hang on." Whitney looked to Steel with a confused expression before grinning, "Mil Mil! Roll 'em out!" The Miltank leaped into the air, curling into a ball; Steel chimed in, directly before the Miltank hit the ground, "Kapp, let's finish this off now!" The Psyduck's eyes glowed bright blue, streaks of blue light shot out from it's eyes and curled elegantly around it's head. The Miltank had already begun rolling towards Kapp; but the Psyduck saved itself by ramming it's head, blue light and all, into the Miltank; stopping the rolling. "Haha-- And... Just as I thought..." Steel hopped up into the air, smiling brightly to the Psyduck as it's entire body began to glow a bright white; it's shape changed in it's metamorphosis, The white light flashed out in all directions; revealing the Psychic Duck Pokemon, Golduck. "Alright Kapp!...--" "WAIT!" Whitney cried out, "I think that's enough, 'kay?" She chuckled a bit, "I don't think we need to do much more of this, kay?... Here... Hold on. The Plain Badge! I think you've earned it." She tossed a badge across the room to Steel, the badge stopped in midair, Kapp had grabbed the badge with it's telekinesis. "Alright," Steel grabbed the badge from where it was floating in the air and pinned it inside his jacket "6 more to go, I suppose..."

((Side note, if you haven't read the manga... Pryce sort of... Disappeared... After being evil.... Yep... Evil old dudes.))

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: September 10, 2013, 21:31 »
Steel, who had already arrived in the tower looked around at the charred wood structure; he ran through the building, ducking underneath collapsed pillars and leaping over fallen bits of roof until he reached the very center of the bottom floor of the building. Steel looked about the empty area with a wild grin, he ran a hand through his hair and swept his other hand into his jacket; four Pokemon flew from the four pokeballs that he threw out from his jacket. "Alright! Jade, Sid! Get on in here! The place should be fine!" Munch and Spyke chased eachother around in circles for a bit; Kapp'tain looked towards Whitney as she pushed through the remains of the Tower. Steel stated, "Shall we?" Whitney smiled and nodded as her Miltank flew from a pokeball. "Alright, Mil Mil's leading! Yay, something tells me that this is gonna be real fun!." Whitney hopped up. Steel grinned, "Alright then... Coming out into the battlefield for the first time!... Ampha-- Amps! Let's start this off with a--... Uhm... I'm not sure what you... do... I uh... Just attack!" The yellow Pokemon looked back at Steel as if he were a complete moron. Amps fell down onto it's rear and began firing small sparks into the air to entertain itself. Whitney nearly fell over with laughter, "Mil Mil, Rollout!" The Miltank leaped into the air and spun at great speed over the ground towards the Ampharos. The Miltank crashed into the Ampharos, shoving the Pokemon into the stone wall on the far end of the room. "Wha-- What!?" Steel smacked a hand into his head. "Amps! C'mon! I uh... Whitney, hold on a moment please! I uh... Hold on..." Steel ran over to his Ampharos, and helped it onto its feet, the Ampharos shocked Steel and stood up by itself; It set up a screen of light around its body and continued to play with its electricity. "I... Uh... Hold on a bit longer... Hrmph. Lets go... Spyke?" His Togepi rushed out to fight. "Right. I uh... Togepi, Metronome!" The Togepi started to wag its little nub hand when its face was Stomped in by Whitney's Miltank.
((No badges, lv 40 something Ampharos... Yep.))

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: September 10, 2013, 00:11 »
"I never said that-- Ah, whatever..." he opened his jacket and pulled out four Pokeballs or rather 'Steel Balls'. "Alright, Whitney how about you and I just start the battle right quick?..." Steel pointed to the remains of the Brass Tower, (currently called the Burned Tower) "In there." Whitney looked to Steel, and then to the Burned Tower and frowned "But it's so messy in there-- I'll!... I, uh... Fine!" Steel grinned at this and started sprinting for the burned building, leaving Sid and the others behind... "Wooo!" Steel exclaimed as he reached the building, his Psyduck jumped up and down happily.

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: September 09, 2013, 23:13 »
((Hush, just... Later... Not at the moment. There's stuff going on that needs to be donestuffed. Stuff))

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: September 09, 2013, 22:40 »

   Name: Alex Pheonix
((Alright... You're lucky that not many people are very active at the moment... Fine, I'll tell you when you should start... Latersh.))

Steel looked to Sid as if he had seven heads... "You're kidding, right? They-- They-- They're!" Steel brought his hand up to his forehead, nearly falling over in a comic fashion. Whitney and Bugsy had snickered at that, Falkner and Morty were still chatting with eachother for a few moments before they took notice of the two. Whitney began talking to Sidney with a bit of an annoyed tone, "Have you been living under a rock?... I'm Whitney, Leader of the Goldenrod Gym! And this is Bugsy, Falkner, and Morty!... They're also Gym Leaders... But... Not as Important as me, of course!~" She chuckled to herself. Steel jumped up in the air with excitement, pointing an index finger to Falkner. "I'll battle all four of you then! Yahoo!" Steel was glowing with excitement. With that Morty stood up and spoke to Steel and Sidney, "If you wish to battle us then you're going to have to wait. I apologize, but the four of us have important businesses to attend to... Although... Hold on one moment," He looked up to the sky in thought for a moment, "Ah. Well, I suppose Whitney may be able to accomodate you if you wish to battle." Morty cleared his throat politely and turned back to Falkner to continue their conversation. Steel looked to Sid, "How about we hit the Pokemon Center before rushing into a fight, Eh?"

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: September 08, 2013, 05:43 »
(Whaaat? I just got back from France where only after we got to the house I realized we had no wireless internet so my laptop was useless ...)
(Alrighty then!... I'll just delete all that material! Whoosh! It disappeared!... And after all that I think I should just do a little opening post for the whole Ecruteak shizzle.)

Steel and the gang arrive in Ecruteak City. His Psyduck ran around in circles with excitement as a cool breeze swept over the trees. "Lovely weather, isn't it?..." Steel stretched out his limbs and yawned. "For a city this place has a rather... Soothing feel. Oddly enough." His Psyduck ran through the city and skidded to a stop and flew a few inches into the air as he fell. "Kapp! What's gotten into you-- Oh." Steel looked up from his Psyduck to see four people, chatting with eachother. Steel was very awestruck by this, but not by their conversation, but rather by who was talking... Whitney, Falkner, Bugsy, and Morty! They all looked towards the group led by Steel in confusion. "Need something?" Morty said in a rather monotonous tone.

Role Play / Re: The New Johto Journeys! [P][AD][C][Pw]
« on: August 02, 2013, 09:10 »
Auri  complained a bit.
"I guess you're right..." Steel said to Sid before wandering into his tent to grab a small collapsable umbrella. "I only have one, so... I guess you three could share it somehow?... It's a bit small... Hrm..." Steel scratched his head and passed the umbrella over to Sidney as he packed up the camp, putting everything into his giant backpack. "Alright, let's get moving; we still have a lot of ground to cover before we get to Ecruteak!" And with that, Steel and his Psyduck sauntered up the road to Ecruteak City, Pointing to the sky as he marched on.

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