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Ladies and gentlemen,

As you will have seen, we have recently launched our latest feature, Cards. As you may have also seen, it rather lacks graphics. So we ask your help! Send us images that look good, and we may use it for that card!

We need the following images
* Something that looks like a proper album front, as well as a general logo
* A header image for each set.
* An image for every card.

There are the following conditions:
* Each image must be in .png format (a hardcoded limitation) and must be approximately 450x450 pixels. Card images must also include a thumbnail of 100x100.
* Set images must include the set's name in a clearly readable way.
* We want original art, drawn by you, that doesn't look bad. Sprite Art is not accepted.

You get the following:
* Proper credit
* A 'Card Artist' Special card
* If the card is not 'Special', a copy of that card, as well as a ten-card booster
* A twenty-card booster for special cards or set images. If a set image, ten of them will always come from the set.
* A 25-card card booster for the other special images.

If we receive multiple images for the same card, and both look good, we will most likely create more cards so we can use all the art. Do not, however, send in art for cards that already have it.

If you're done, mail art to joenoo@gmail.com . Only mail art for cards that do not have art, but that have been created. Include your username and the name you want to be credited with in your mail, since I can't trace it back otherwise! Also leave a message at http://pkmn.net/forums/index.php?topic=60897.0 to let people know what you are working on, to prevent double work.


Can you make personal cards?

I only want and accept art for cards that already exist.

Superficial Mycosis:
450x450 is fairly big o.o
mmm..  i shall asume the pictures need backgrounds..  what kind of backgrounds?

and should people leave links here or PM you or what?

aaand..  what about colab stuff..  like..  one person made the main image and another people made the background..  or one did lineart and another did colouring..  or stuff like that o.o

The spoiler-space has a lot of room.

Backgrounds are free, what you feel works best.

You can email the images or links to images to me (preferably joenoo@gmail.com , since that has more room), or PM me - PMs are too hard for me to keep track of.

Collaboration can be taken into account with credit, that's no problem.


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