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Who Is Faster?

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The name master:
Who do you think?


Latios can fly faster than a jet, while Dragonite can fly round the world in just 16 hours (at 1500mph if it's talking about the earth!)

This is assuming Latios doesn't go Mega, right? If that's the case, and also assuming your math is accurate, and also assuming the quick Google search I did holds any value... then the fastest jet is rougly a few miles per hour faster than Dragonite. Probably safe to assume regular Latios can go faster than that if "a jet" is faster than Dragonite.

Of course, that's assuming Dragonite is also going max speed with its flight. Kinda scary to think it could go even faster if it had a reason to. (Though I'm mostly humoring this thought because I personally find the mental image of Dragonite flying at a leisurely pace-- that just so happens to let it lap the world at least once within a day-- to be amusing.)

The Hooded Trainer:
This is also of course assuming that the pokedex is an actual authority on anything and not just a collection of data gathered by a bunch of idiot ten year olds because the actual experienced professors were too damn lazy to go out and do any field work.

^You say that like that "joke" hasn't been done to death.

The Hooded Trainer:
Less of a joke and more of a, come on, theres no damn way that "can fly around the world in just 16 hours" is anything but the ramblings of a kid who happens to think their dragonite is the coolest. Whether it was done intentionally or note, to me almost all dex entries sound exactly like they were written by dumb ass children.


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