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Move name: Death Shock
Type: Dark
Power: -
Accuracy: -
Status: Special
PP: 1
Description: all pokemon on the field, including the user, faint. this attack cannot be avoided by any means.

- i made up this move for an uber pokemon i created a few years back. it was intended to the the signature move. i know it's really far-fetched and powerful. that was the intention with the pokemon.. which was supposed to be the god of all pokemon until they released Arceus. i was like.. dang it!
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Move Name: Freeze Lock
Type: Ice
Power: 80
Accuracy: 75
Status: Special
PP: 5
Description: The foe is inescapably frozen for 2 turns. on the third turn, the ice caves in and causes the pokemon to sustain damage.

Love those moves QCHunny (mind if I call you that?)! ;D

I especially like Freeze Lock. Why? Dunno. I've always been attracted to Ice Type moves. Cold like my evil side ( yea I have one)... >:D

Oh... and that Arceus? Keheheh... That's so wrong it's almost funny.  :nowink:


--- Quote from: QC|Paws of Hunny on December 05, 2007, 00:04 ---Move name: Death Shock

--- End quote ---

This would be so banned in the metagame it's not even funny. If not, it'd be added to the Self-KO clause at least.

...That's probably why I love it.

wow. you guys actually like my moves? now i feel inspired to create more.. hehe and i wanted to change freeze lock to ice block.. what do you think..

Dane Bramage:
[Move name] Armbar
[Type] Fighting
[Power] 120
[Accuracy*] 70
[Status/Special/Physical] Physical
[PP] 5
The user positions itself to pin the foe. It could paralyze.

[Move name] Basic Wave
[Type] Normal
[Power] 80
[Accuracy*] 100
[Status/Special/Physical] Special
[PP] 15
A white energy pulse is released. This attack ignores all weaknesses and resistances.

[Move name] Soul Attack
[Type] ???
[Power] 100
[Accuracy*] 90
[Status/Special/Physical] Status
[PP] 10
The user unleashes an attack from its soul. Type is based on the user's type. If it is dual type, the first type is chosen. Damage type is based on higher attack stat.

[Move name] Hazardous Spark
[Type] Fire
[Power] ---
[Accuracy*] 60
[Status/Special/Physical] Status
[PP] 10
Sparks are released near the foe that follow an erratic pattern. Either paralyzes the foe and lowers attack or burns the foe and lowers speed.

[Move name] Industrialize
[Type] Steel
[Power] ---
[Accuracy*] ---
[Status/Special/Physical] Status
[PP] 10
A weather moves that causes rapid production. Hold items are replaced by Iron Balls. Damages all non-Steel, Dark, and Poison by 1/16 each turn. Grass types and Bug types take 1/8th.


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