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The name master:
Motivating Kiss

Type: normal
Power : - - -
Accuracy :  - - -
PP: 35
Category: status
Description: the user gives it's allies an encouraging kiss that raises it's attack stat. It only works in double battles and on the opposite gender.


??? Type
10 PP
-- Power
-- Acc

User must recharge after using it. Only useable in double and triple battles. Has different effects depending on the pokemon using it:

Ghost type: The user possesses an opposing pokemon to attack a pokemon of its choosing. Can fail if used many times in a row. Chance of failure rises with successful tries.

Non Ghost type: The user doubles the power of a teammate's move but lowers the PP doubly (Basically as if the move was used twice.)

Ignite/Pyro Guard/Flame On!/[whatever isn't taken at this point]
Type: Fire
Category: Status
Power: N/A
PP: 5

Description: The user ignites, changing its ability to Flame Body and sharply raising Defense and Sp.Def for 3 turns.

Effect: Defense and Special Defense are raised by two stages each, and the user's ability is changed to Flame Body. Additionally, the user cannot be frozen; if the user is already frozen, using this move thaws it out and prevents freezing. These effects last 3 turns or until switched out.

Moves or abilities that change or nullify abilities (Such as Worry Seed, Gastro Acid, or Mummy) will cause the effect to end prematurely, as will the move Soak. Defense and Sp.Def cannot be raised further by this move; however, other stat-boosting moves can be used, and their effects will remain when this move's effects wear off.

I'm guessing most Fire-types could learn it, but the Koffing and Mankey lines strike me as interesting, possible non-Fire-type users, off the top of my head.

The name master:

Type: Ice
Power : 100
Accuracy : 55
PP: 20
Description: opponent is hit by a falling iceicle, doing damage, but is inaccurate.

Brave Bust

Type: Ground

Power: 120

Category: Physical/One Target

PP: 15

Accuracy: 100

Description: The user dashes and headbutts the opponent with a mighty, powerful force. This attack deals 1/3 of the damage dealt to the user.

Pokemon that can learn it: Raichu, Gogoat, Cranidos, Purugly, etc.


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