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Character's Pokémon Changes/Evolutions/Captures *SPOILERS*

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Angelic Lapras King:

--- Quote from: Cecily and Pikachu on March 24, 2011, 18:37 ---I-i-i-ris got an Emolga?! NO. Iris is not worthy ;; But I guess you could say that about Ash as well

--- End quote ---
Sure she is worthy. :P

In today's episode, Ash caught a Palpitoad and Cilan caught a Stunfisk.

I don't mind Ash's new catch, buuuuuut Cilan with a Stunfisk? No wayyy, I'm really disappointed by it. :\

The Librarian:
As of today's episode, Ash now owns a Roggenrola, making it his eighth Pokémon obtained in the Unova region. IIRC, by this time in DP he'd only caught two Pokémon. He seems to really be trying to "Catch 'em all" this series.

Most of the stuff he's catching seems to be evolved/evolving. Maybe they're going to keep the starters in first forms or something.

The Librarian:
Not exactly a capture or anything, but interesting nonetheless. As of the latest episode, Meowth has been fired from Team Rocket and, for the next few episodes at least, is travelling with Ash & Co.


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