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I think this goes here. It is a Pokemon game that is not listed. So, does anyone have PO? I do. I'm Zekromlover there. If anyone wants to battle me, you can, just PM me first. I specilize in one type, though I will not say which one. I am currently making my team, and I will be done soon.

This is more or less an unofficial game, Nintendo didn't make it I believe. This would more or less be a Competitive Topic. But yeah, I do have it, and I'm laddering at about 14-1500 on PO server.

L-i-am on the Smogon server. If you wanna battle me PM me.

Anyone know how to make Servers on it?


--- Quote from: Zekromlover on December 28, 2011, 16:07 ---Anyone know how to make Servers on it?

--- End quote ---
There's probably a server tool on the website. There's not much need to though. The only thing you'd really benefit from is getting usernames you want, if it works anything like Shoddy.


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