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Sony Pictures Pulls "The Interview"

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Just looking for some lighthearted opinion-based debate on this.

For the uninitiated, Sony planned to release a movie called "The Interview". There's been a few ads for it on TV, and it's been in development for a while. Basically the premise of the movie is Seth Rogan and James Franco are journalists, and they score an interview with Kim Jong Un. They are then tasked by the CIA to try to assassinate the dictator, and "hilarity" ensues in the process. Trailers exist on the internet if you want to look them up, but there's some strong language and lewd jokes in them.

So, a terrorist group from North Korea is understandably not that happy about this movie, and they've been doing attacks on Sony for weeks, threatening to leak their info and hacking them. They just recently issued a warning to Sony and all theatres that show the movie that if it is shown, they'll do a 9/11 style attack on the theatres that play it. So, that's pretty scary, and so most theatres are refusing to show it because if this group did attack theatres on Christmas Day, the release of The Interview, that would be pretty terrifying.

A lot of people have been yelling at Sony for buckling to terrorism, which I personally understand. It kind of feels like an attack of the dignity and pride of America for theatres to refuse to show this film because a foreign group told us not to. However, I think that theatres and Sony had the right idea to pull this movie. I think that on the chance that something big did happen when this movie is shown, there's the possibility America would freak out and it could potentially prompt another war in the East, as we already are pretty tense with North Korea at the moment, given all of the international stuff that's been going on between us for a while. I'm thinking this could potentially develop more over time too, especially since Sony and major theatres seem to be entertaining the possibility of a later showing, after Christmas.

I mean, everyone's pretty scared, but we did a similar thing, except to Hitler, in Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator". I think it would have been better off if they took a page from the book of that movie and made it an obvious allegory, but eh. I hate to compare the two, because the quality difference is really stark. However, I'm still a pretty big Seth Rogan and James Franco fan, so I hope this movie will see a DVD release and be able to be seen by the public eye at some point.

So, opinions North Korea's most recent act of terror?

The creation of the movie is pretty irresponsible to begin with - a comedy portraying the assassination of a current head of state is just not in good taste, even if it is North Korea. Also, as stated in the IRC - if a bootleg copy of this film makes it to North Korea somehow, and someone watches it and gets tortured and killed for it, that's something Sony Pictures has to live with.

Alternatively, who is to say it was a legitimate threat? For all we know it was freelance hackers, and in that case we might see some real terrorism generated as a result - as one news articles comments said "quick, someone pretend to be N. Korea and get the TMNT sequels scrapped!"

I don't know, I don't see a winning situation coming out of this. Creating the movie was just a bad move.


--- Quote from: winterbane on December 17, 2014, 23:26 ---Alternatively, who is to say it was a legitimate threat? For all we know it was freelance hackers, and in that case we might see some real terrorism generated as a result - as one news articles comments said "quick, someone pretend to be N. Korea and get the TMNT sequels scrapped!"

--- End quote ---

While nobody has owned up to it yet, I have to say that I believe the group itself is legit, and I'm of the opinion they may be working at least loosely with the NK government. After all, most terrorist groups love to lay claim to how they've shaken the nations to make a name for themselves, and no group name has come forward, as far as I'm aware. I believe they've just been called "Sony Hackers". I would understand rogue hackers if this was about money, but it just seems to be about defaming Sony and threatening the American public, which I can only see the nation of NK doing, or a respective radical nationalist group.

Also, didn't that terrorist group leak the clip of Kim Jung Un getting killed in the movie? Doesn't make much sense to me.

i fully believe it on the grounds that you can never take these sorts of things lightly, im hella paranoid about this sort of thing

but i agree it was pretty disgusting and irresponsible to make this sort of movie to begin with, im honestly not surprised at all with whos behind it. people might try to call it education, but i just think its another obnoxious publicity stunt type deal. i dont know why, especially knowing the tension surrounding the general idea of north koreas government, they thought itd be a good idea.

 It's just an hilariously obnoxious move to make on behalf of what I - maybe foolishly - assume to be an American film developer. It really doesn't help that this would have received a "green light" before the money was pumped into it.

 It was probably an attempt to mock North Korea and generally reassure the public that North Korea was just being a naughty kid having a tantrum in the sandbox. Maybe this whole hacker situation will give everyone a reality check, to be honest.

 If NK hackers got into Sony and found leaks of the film maybe they've actually seen the full film anyway so maybe the threats were legitimate and were already being planned.

 It's just mocking the NK government, thinking that they're defeated, and being bitten in the ass. With Russia being provoked and Middle Eastern countries being harassed, I really don't think America wants to rekindle that flame with North Korea.

 I doubt this film will cause conflict in North Korea though. If cinemas are attacked by terrorists, they'll just send some drones to drop bombs on their civilian areas.


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