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Despite having this game since release I've only recently gotten any time to play it!

Just beaten my waifu Hapu and am about to enter the Poni Canyon!

Mudsdale (Lil) Lv 49
Aloan Exeggutor (Benedict) Lv 48
Bewear (Cuddles) Lv 49
Carbink (Carrie) Lv 48
Primarina (Hans) Lv 49
Arcanine (Growlie) Lv 48

I LOVE Bewear. It's adorable and wrecks everything. I really wanted a Drampa but it's a Moon exclusive and my other ridiculous looking fave of this gen, Palossand, came along too late to really slot into my team since my Mudsdale is also a machine.

Beat the game on NYE. The Elite Four actually felt sort of challenging this time around.

Sea Puppy (Primarina M) - Level 59
Paula (Ribombee F) - Level 59
Keira (Alolan Ninetales F) - Level 59
WALL (Gumshoos M) - Level 58
ShovelKnight (Palossand M) - Level 58
Simba (Alolan Marowak M) - Level 57

Caught Nebby in a great ball and Tapu Koko in a dive ball. :^)

I'm right before the elite four. My team is:
Azura: Primarina, Female, Level 56
Maya: Espeon, Female, Level 56
Sakura: Lurantis, Female, Level 58
Rigaru: Arcanine, Male, Level 57
Po: Snorlax, Male, Level 56
Ninetales: Female, Level 61


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