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What's YOUR favourite Mystery Dungeon?

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So with Super Mystery Dungeon's release there are now an incredible 10 games in the series (Red, Blue, Darkness, Time, Sky, the 3 WiiWare games no one talks about cause it's only available in Japanese, Infinity and now Super), I want to know what is the best game in the series in your opinion.

For me it's gotta be Time/Darkness and I guess Sky - Blue was pretty fun and it was the first one I played - but the story of TDS really pulled me in and I gotta admit, back in 08 when I was a spritely 15 year old I actually cried the first time I completed it. And I completed it I think 4 or 5 times over because I just loved the story that much and now I wish I had the patience to look out the game cartridge to play it all again :')

Having played a bit of Infinity and Super I'm not enjoying them to the same extent as I did TDS - and honestly the 3D sprites don't look as nice as the old 2D ones back in TDS did. The controls don't feel as nice (even though they're probably the same lmao) and the stories fall a bit flat for me :(

I was a huge fan of Sky honestly. I really loved T/D's plot and post main-game stuff, what with Darkrai and all that. Plus there was a lot more sidequests and generally more stuff to do in Sky. Plus Riolu was an option as a hero.

Captain Jigglypuff:
I've only played Sky and a bit of Infinity. I like Sky more mainly because I found Infinity to be insanely difficult and it took me so long to defeat Conkeldurr. I'm still playing it but I haven't gotten so far.

Meowstic Royalty:
My love for PMD2 still can't be taken over, specifically Darkness considering that's the one I played. I had so many fun times with that game and damn, it's my favorite game ever. PSMD was also really nice and I had an amazing time with that, but nothing can really stand up to PMD2.

Funnily enough my favorite and least favorite games are both from the same series. Because I despise Gates to Infinity with a burning passion.

Seems like I'm agreeing with everyone else here when I say TDS was my favorite. PSMD is also great, I love the characters from it, but TDS just can't be replaced. Plus, it feels like there is a lot more interesting post story content in TDS. PSMD also has a ton of content, but it just doesn't feel as fulfilling.


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