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Getting GPS signal for Pokemon GO


I've been talking with my dad about maybe borrowing his Android phone and connect the GPS signal to my iPod.

I read that it is possible to do that, but I don't know how.
Can someone help explain how to do it?

Without going outside, I've spotted 4 gyms near my house!

you'd be better off installing Go on his phone to use instead

Getting it to work with my iPod through my dad's Android phone is the perfect excuse for me to have some father-daughter bonding time with my dad.

If I play Pokemon GO on any device, I'll probably be using it a lot. Playing it on my dad's phone would mean my game would be interrupted from time to time with someone trying to call him. A bit of an inconvenience for both of us to say the least.

I'm not allowed to go out anywhere on my own because of my epilepsy. So either way, my dad would have to come with me while I'm out in the first place.


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