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Wouldn't you guys like to see some romance between you and your partner in MD?

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That would make it a bit more interesting. Actually, I like to imagine that there is indeed a romance between the two main characters. It sort of develops over the course of the story ^.^

It depends on the plot, I guess. Would work better if both you and your potential love interest were formerly humans, imo (I only played Explorers of Darkness, but I assume all Mystery Dungeons thus far have started this way?) Although, there are quite a few possibilities if you went through a similar line of questions for your partner and/or love interest. Heheh, a Bonnie and Clyde relationship would be amusing... for example.

I guess it would be interesting, but wouldn't a "human" + Pokémon relationship be kinda weird. o-o

well, it'd mean the partner would have to be the opposite gender

or something.

^Why can't Pokémon be homosexual? =P


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