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--- Quote from: LOOK AROUND YOG. on August 07, 2015, 13:14 ---got an awful feeling it'll be Hilary .vs. Jeb and jeb will win cos of public democrat disillusionment (like the uk's swing to tory after 12 years of labour) and the fact that the rather loud and angry majority will go "a WOMAN president!??!? after a black president????" and really force the vote for jeb to get some "normal looking president in for once to restore order" cos you know how it goes

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I gotta admit, I don't see the whole "woman president" discrimination thing being too big of a deal -- what I am sure of is if it comes down to Hillary as the forerunner of the democratic party, it's gonna be like how it was with Obama: "You only want to elect her because she's a woman!" which of course has little to do with it, I doubt she's gonna actually win or lose a lot of votes based on her sex. I see if it comes down to the two of them (which at this point is probably the majority opinion for what will happen), Jeb will win because at the moment there's this weird attitude towards the Bush family. People keep saying, "Well, George Bush wasn't the most eloquent speaker, but at least we know he loved America!", while ignoring the fact that he got us involved in an incredibly economically draining war. I feel like since he's a Bush, but doesn't give off the impression of having flies for brains like George, that's gonna do him a favor for Americans with their rose-tinted glasses.

I would pay large sums of money to watch Bernie and Trump go at each other. I want Bernie to get invited to a major debate: Even if he doesn't come out on top, I think he's willing to ask those question that people really want to hear about, as opposed to foreign and immigration policy which candidates love to talk about more than anything.

Ron Paul isn't in this race (he's ancient at this point, really), but we have Rand Paul in to scoop up all of the people who favored his father, despite that I don't see them as similar figures at all. He's not polling exceptionally well at the moment but I have a feeling he'll get bigger at some point within the next year.

And thanks Beth! I appreciate it. I personally really enjoy politics (even if politicians give me headaches) so I was happy to write all of that out :p

I'm guessing nobody watched the GOP debate last night -- which is alright since as I've heard nothing interesting really happened, which you can kind of expect because how similar the Republican party is at this moment. Also, it's a year before the elections so things aren't super heated just yet. I'm just gonna rip from the Fox news article:

--- Quote ---The governors on stage, notably John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, touted their economic records. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz vowed to scrap the Iran deal. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson reminded voters in his closing remarks of the professional background that separates him from the rest: ā€œIā€™m the only one to separate Siamese twins.ā€


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reclaimed his reputation as a tough-talking executive, blasting his rivals for their positions on domestic surveillance and entitlements. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul traded barbs with several candidates, including Christie.

Meanwhile, one-time front-runner former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush found himself on defense several times and largely avoided tangling with Trump on the Fox News/Facebook stage. 
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And at the end, I know that Chris Christie (who you may remember at the guy who closed that major bridge a few years ago as the result of a hissy fit, which actually ended up killing people because it was a main route to a hospital) and Rand Paul went back and forth about government surveillance because CC thinks that Paul was unamerican for not wanting the government to continue collecting phone data from civilians. I have a friend who watched the debates and he said that's the one part that actually stood out -- I'm thinking that might help Rand Paul's fall in popularity, or at least win him the favor of younger voters who are more concerned with privacy.

I really hope Hilary Clinton doesn't win, she's definitely going for the whole internet cult of personality campaign that Obama did so no doubt there will be many who will fall for it hook, line and sinker and of course she will definitely be going for the women's vote. I think her stances on encryption and national surveillance are pretty sideways - the NSA needs to be controlled but Google and Apple basically need to backdoor all of their secure channels to 'protect national security', meanwhile she wants to route all her mail through her own servers and none of it is accountable...You can't have it both ways.

I don't consider anyone on the left wing with that kind of stance to be trustable, it's a big red flag for me. I think Hilary should stick to being secretary of state, IMO she did better in the Middle East than any other American politician, her international game is strong.

The rest all look pretty measly though, republicans look mental as always; no surprises there. Bernie Sanders seems the most level headed but he doesn't really jump out at me as being a particularly iconic president, though maybe I can't have it both ways either. He seems smart on NSA spying and the war on drugs so that's a big plus.

Lord Raven:

--- Quote from: Kerou on August 07, 2015, 05:11 ---Waka Flocka for president tbh

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Will he run with Nicki Minaj or Gucci Mane?

Find out in 2016!


The Mike Huckabee one legit makes me cringe and there's Lil' Paul for you.

Bonus Donald Trump for you.

Choices all seem absolutely abysmal tbh, I don't think I could happily vote for any of them if I was in the US. All the republicans seem to be nut jobs, and they're pro-guns, anti-abortion and generally on the bad side Christianity, so that's republicans out the window. The fact that some of them don't believe in evolution baffles me, it's like you'll sooner believe a 2000+ year old book than a theory presented by some of the greatest minds on earth with an absolute tonne of evidence? People are crazy xD

Hilary would probably be my choice, but more of a she's the least bad then I actually think she'd be good in any way xD Don't like how it's likely Bill will use her to get into the office, obviously not as president. Would like to see how the whole first lady thing works, would they keep the role but reverse gender or just not have it?

Don't like Bernie at all, way too socialist. Do like his stance on abortion and guns though, which seem to be pretty major issues in US politics.

Hadn't heard of Joe Biden running before this post, but he seems kinda middle of the road Democrat, nothing special.

But seriously, American politics is literally a choice of absolutely crazy people if you want right wing, or whoever the democrat candidate is. It makes the British choice of Milliband .v. Cameron look fantastic xD


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