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Is it just me, or are spambots on the rise? Granted, the rise is so small it's hard to notic, but I've seen two on at the same time as of this post. I'm not sure if it's someone being stupid or the security lets a few slip through, but it still niggles at me.
Perhaps there should be a "Repor User" button as well as a "Report Post" button? I know people could PM a senior figure about it, but it'd be a touch more convenient to my mind... Then again, the amount of them overall is small, so I'm split.

I've noticed this too... I got on today and there were about... oh, three new topics posted with links to other sites? I find it really annoying :/
I think, even though the amount is small, if it's seriously bothering someone it should at least be worth talking over.
Edit: Just found another...

Unfortunately, we're at the point where we can't do more - we've got protection to make it harder for them to sign up, but any method like that we could implement has alraedy been cracked, even a few basic ones we worked on ourselves didn't make a difference.

Report the posts when you see them, and we'll deal with them. That's all that can be done.

As Joeno says, report them. It's the easiest way to get them removed. The only problem is when they post 2 or more posts, you have to wait 1 minute between reports. Would a good way to counter that be to give users who regularly report sensibly no/ a lower limit on reports?

I don't think it easily allows us to do that.


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