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The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA:
End of Days
All Pokémon on the field will faint after 5 turns.

Echo Voice
Voice and sound moves' accuracy increase by 1/2.

This would be very helpful on Pokémon like Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff, because (if I did my math right) this would raise Sing's accuracy to 82.5%. It's not perfect, but it's a significant enough change to make Sing remotely useful. More accurate than a standard Hypnosis, at any rate.


In double battles, damage taken by any Pokemon is cut in half - one half to the attacked Pokemon, one half to it's partner.


In double battles, moves that hit more than one Pokémon now only hit Pokémon with this ability. Target is random if more than one Pokémon with this ability is on the field.


Automatically uses a super-effective move when given the chance.

Pull Through

Attack does not drop when burned, nor does Speed drop when paralyzed.

Sweet Aroma

Grass Types Of The Opposite Gender Will Not Attack This Pokémon.

Leaf Shield

Raises Def and Sp. Def In Strong Sunlight. (50%)

Dark Power

Doubles Attack. Attack Is Halved If Pokémon Gets Low On Health. (Half and Below)


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