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Pokemon that could use an evolution?

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remember way back when frez was here they made duserpent
that was fun id have liked to have seen a dunsparce evolution like that

It was Duserpent? I always pronounced it as 'Dun-serpent' xD' Huh.

But a Dunsparce evo like the one Frez made would be pretty awesome. A Farfethch'd pre evo would look adorable, too haha.

ya they made a big deal about there being no 'n' in it i think? i remember that at least
there was also drama when dark snorlax/kyle made his variation of an evolution that was cool too

tbh they were both good
although thinkin about it now id like to see a farfetched evo
like the fake one that was supposed to be coming out for uh... b/w i think ?? along with a delibird evo

blah blah blah

Richard and Blaziken:
Dunsparce for sure. It has a small niche use, but it desperately wants an evolution.

Farfetch'd technically needs an evolution more than Dunsparce, but... I like Farfetch'd the way it is. Although, I do remember the fake BW Farfetch'd and Delibird evos, and they were pretty cool.


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