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Favorite (and least favorite) Gym Leaders?

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Been a while since we've had this topic outright, eh? Although usually I'm content with what people's favorites are, I'd like to hear your least favorite, too. If you have more to add, feel free to say what you feel makes for a great Gym Leader in general, as well.

I personally don't have any standards in mind for gym leaders, myself... at least, nothing strict enough for me to recall any. I usually just know what I like right off the bat. So here are my favorites by region:

Kanto: Lt. Surge
Johto: Chuck
Hoenn: Wattson (though Juan is cool, too)
Sinnoh: Candice
Unova: I used to be able to say Clay with full confidence, but Burgh's gyms alone give him a run for his money.

As for my least favorite... I don't have enough to list for each region, 'cause there's only the one, really: Maylene. In spite of her design, nothing about her jumps out at me that says "Fighting-type Gym Leader". I'm just not feeling it.

So uh, how about the rest of you?

Richard and Blaziken:
Kanto: Lt. Surge
Johto: Claire I guess? I don't like Johto much...
Hoenn: Flannery <3
Sinnoh: This entire region could be wiped out and I wouldn't care
Unova: Skyla is cute >3>

Least favorite... I guess that'd be Juan. I dunno what it is about him, but I don't like him.

Green Apple:
Kanto: Koga
Johto: The ice dude, cant think of the name(Pryce, maybe??)
Least Favorite:Falkner(Johto, 1st gym, for teh people who dont know)

Kanto: Blaine
Johto: Morty
Hoenn: Juan
Sinnoh: Candice, Byron
Unova: Drayden. He's the best.

My least favourite is probably Brawly. He's unbelievably lame.

Kanto: Koga
Johto: Pryce
Hoenn: Juan
Sinnoh: I may have said Roark once upon a time but I don't really have strong feelings about any of them...
Unova: CLAY. HE IS THE GREATEST GYM LEADER EVER. He's the Rich Texan from The Simpsons and he owns a goddamn MOUNTAIN.

...I kinda have a soft spot for badass old dudes.

Oh yeh and I hate Wallace.


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