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Favorite Gym Leader? (Black/White Versions)

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 Who was your favorite gym leader? Was it the Pokémon and type choice you had liked? The battle you enjoyed, the gym to venture through? Or was it just their personality? Whatever it could have been, vote your favorite, here.

Blue, the ultimate gym leader

Captain Jigglypuff:
you forgot Claire in the poll. She was my favorite because how she mainly used Dragon types and wasn't part of the Elite Four. Until the fifth generation, she was the only Dragon type trainer that had pretty strong Pokemon that you got to fight until the Elite Four. Sure there were Dragon Tamers in the third and fourth generations but their Pokemon weren't at the same level Claire was and almost pushovers. I also like Drayden and Iris but Claire is my favorite. I lost to her so many times because by the time you faced her in the original GS games, you had some Ice Pokemon that could take out her Dragonair but pretty much screwed when she brought out Kingdra IF you were like me and had no one to trade with for a good Dragonite that would obey you.

Joe_Pokemon2015- MEGA RAYQUAZA!:
Roxie, Iris, Flannery, Candice. And every female Gym leader and Elite Four member. They're cute.

XK|X Litwick:
Drayden has the best gym ever! I love the puzzle in BW2. Its a gorgeous vision.


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