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I've only had 7! ... :/
My second one is the only one that counts though as that's when pretty much all of the good stuff happened =P

omg with the metagame sprites

I was looking through the sprites that we had a while ago and I'm really happy with how I've improved thanks to that <3 It's like a timeline kind of thing; you can definitely tell which ones I'd made when I first started and which ones I'd made towards the end! Well, maybe others might not think that it was such a big difference but I definitely think there was one! That Altaria that I made... And that offline strop as well when Liam did Cresselia xD

there was an rp called You Are Special with suicune rider i loved so much even though my oc was just a rip off of a south park/pokemon crossover haha jesus

there was #sherrin and #ayla which were also awful haha jesus remember when i was friends with those people. im still friends with sherrin (jack now!) and hes come a very long way in both art and personality. its so strange weve both been friends (well in a way) for 5 years now. also that we were so awful back then.

remember people would go mad for sprites like these ugly things. goddamn. i was such hot poop back then apparently.

i was always so unnecessarily rude to everyone and i think i should say now that im very sorry for my 14 year old self both to admins and members alike. im still an immature tool, i just stopped being such a keyboard samurai haha.

#ayla though. so filled with stupid drama and memes. looking back i realise i hated every second of it but i guess it made me friends like fyrus so thats something.

also tandaras. haha.

i wish irc was more active again i miss it so much. there was a time around 2011 when we had #homestuck (holla @ bluffy + aidan + ben) i loved it so much but i just drifted away like i always do.

oh man, what was the last chan we migrated to? like #ABY or something. it was BYs chan i know that but it had some dumb name and it died out completely.

also #ckk holla

then i deleted my account bc webbz was mod jc im such a petty little moron
rip pikakitty u were a piece of trash :)))))))

Yas I remember that, I think I joined right at the end and the. There was a reboot but 'you must be a GOOD rper to join this!!!!!'
I remember when that arceus person (alexi or something?) trolled the rp boards and we decided to spam a thread so all our replies would be at the bottom :') also the immortal thing that was Thauxan 900 pages what
I joined Liam's spriting academy when I was 13 nearly 14 and was the biggest suck up ever omg. I remember asking Webby why my posts hadn't gone up and he said that I don't post anywhere else except sfa so I decided to post else where.
Irc tho <3 BOB AND QUOOT 4 LYFE xxx
I remember there used to be quizzes on a Sunday or something in one of the channels. If you wanted less serious (not always though!) discussion you'd stick  to #sp if not youd go to #pkmn.net. I remember all the irc people like Dave (not Daedalus) he told me where he lived in Sheffield it's like omg why, Tom.
now I'm just going to reel off a list of names that I remember being in #sp: Luckcia, Bonnie, Kuranai, Lovisa, Firekitten and Liam. Not forgetting the regulars like Loz, JSM, SR, Mizz, Tomdra, John and Webbz.

I remember after the whole mod drama thing I was at green day the night before and I logged on and was just like o__o I never posted in the thread but just felt so sad everyone had left and avoided the site for about a month just because of the awkwardness.

I posted whenever and eventually left in 2011 just because I got bored and rejoined about a month later.

Also this site has helped me so much with my art and stuff <3 ngl if people didn't request back in my shops I doubt I would ever continued also the nice advice from everyone <3 I remember all the cool arty people on here like Jess, frez, Nessu and dragonair girl? Idk she was friends with Webby/Dana and she made a comic ahh what was her name.

^ Dragonair Soul or something I think it was :o

I remember Thauxan haha wow

The quizzes were fun!

John, do you remember #bat I think it was? I remember chilling in there for a bit and it was only usually me, BY and Chandler lol


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