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Mis Arts. Now with effort!


Silverwing Bloodsplash:
Ayo bros! Recently, I've drawn some arts. On MSPaint. That was a challenge.

The first one is a Joltik. I ain't very good at shadin' and it looks pretty 2D to me.

The second one I'm more proud of.

Now, I don't have PMD2, but this drawin's based off of it. If I could get the game, I'd choose Skitty for me and a Mudkip for my partner.

The Skitty you see here has a red and black hat on and a gray jacket. Also she has glasses on. The one thing you'll notice first is her tail orbs. They're pink! And she has these pink claws on her paws!

This Silverwing Skitty's claws change color with emotion, and so does her tail orbs.

Again, this was made with MSPaint, so don't blame me. Mostly.


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